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Strike Suit Zero

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Strike Suit Zero is a space flight combat game. The game was funded via Kickstarter and advertised itself as an attempt to revive space flight combat genre. Plot and setting The game takes place in the distant future. The main protagonist is a pilot for United Nations of Earth and must help his home planet in a war against united forces of space colonies. Gameplay The game consists of several missions. In each one of them, you participate in a massive space battle. The missions’ design intends to simulate full-fledged warfare that does not revolve just around the player. The player has to perform a specific task in every mission such as protecting an important ally or destroying the certain enemy object. The player can choose between four types of spaceships: interceptor, fighter, bomber and the Strike Suit. Using the last one, the player can switch their spacecraft between fighter-mode and strike mode. In the strike-mode, the Strike Suit transforms into a more agile human-like mech. Throughout the game, the player unlocks different types of weaponry, including machine-guns, missiles, lasers, plasma cannons, and rockets. Additional features The game supports joysticks and Oculus Rift VR headset.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Jan 23, 2013
Born Ready Games
Born Ready Games Ltd.
Born Ready Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Linux

  • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Known to work on many others.
  • Processor:Intel 2GHz Dual Core or better
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVIDIA 250 GTS, ATI Radeon 4800 series, Intel HD3000. OpenGL 3.0. Older cards known to work, but not officially supported.
  • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
  • Sound:Any stereo sound card

System requirements for PC

  • OS:Windows Vista
  • Processor:Dual core 2.4Ghz
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVIDIA 250 GTS / ATI Radeon 4800 series
  • DirectX®:11
  • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
  • Sound:Any stereo sound card
  • OS:Windows 7
  • Processor:Quad Core
  • Memory:8 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVIDIA GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD5850
  • DirectX®:11
  • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
  • Sound:Any 5.1 sound card

System requirements for macOS

  • OS:MacOS X 10.8.3 or higher
  • Processor:Intel 2GHz Dual Core or better
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:NVIDIA 250 GTS, ATI Radeon 4800 series, Intel HD3000. Older cards known to work, but not officially supported.
  • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
  • Sound:Any stereo sound card

System requirements for Android

4.3 and up
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Strike Suit Zero reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
A good little clone of the Wing Commander of the great era, without the immediate impact (neither Mark Hamill, but in fact it is the same) and with a lot of approximations in both the piloting and the design of the missions (one often Dick that slab to what happens and we win e or loses by chance). It seems that the conduct of spatial Mecha was a strong point of the game, it's just a bit of a jerk that after 2H of play one does not see yet the color. It smells like grindfest for people who have too much time this thing, we'll see in retirement.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The game itself seemed promising but was unplayable on the keyboard so I took an Xbox 360 controller. But even so, the maneuverability is excecrable. The left stick is useless (except to flip), the right allows to move correctly but you have to remember the key to accelerate, to slow down, to target, to shoot and at the same time. No assistance to the aiming, touching a mobile enemy is a feat as it is difficult. In addition, the controls are not all changeable and we can not change the X axis, so we always leave on the wrong side. The game had annoyed me the first time and I wanted to leave a second chance 2 years later but the same Topo is there. The game is far too complicated. It would have had to simplify the controls and help with the aiming to make the game more enjoyable.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I had some huge Fun. Didn't Have great Expectations. The Game begins in The Stalk of an 0815 Ship. Suddenly spherical Sounds after passing Hard mission. The AI that Freed me procures me an unbelievably cool Equipment. A Strike Suite. And now, when I thought to myself, the Game is just really starting. Absolutely class in a quasi First Person Machine to pop off the Rebels ... Until the Time I thought I was mastering the Strike Suit. Then... It started ... UNFASSBAR TO NOUS! It is not possible in Mission 5 to kill the big Ship before it kills our Freighter. Yes I did it but had to reload in the Checkpoint. It just doesn't work out after that. It's eerily frustrating. Within 5 Days I have started the Level 12 times. 12MAL! It just sounds. It will be deinstalled. Too bad:(
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So to the game It's Crusp appealing the Gamelay is in need of getting used to. But the Big proplem is that the game felt crashed 32 times, that is only in the 1st mission. Dan is another 4 times after the completion of the first mission and dan opens again during and near the 2nd mission. So to Find possible sources of Error I once Googled and came up with the hopefully Official Webside of the game. So far after I found the Support Forum I was shocked first because it was less support forum more bazaar because there are simply hundreds of Random mail which are 98% absolutely zero to do with the Game e.g. someone offers real hair support in the Support forum (WTF) Dan I found a few posts because Of Proplems with the Game but were open and unanswered. So my Conclusion as to whom it should be playable at any time, it is good and beautiful but the Replay value is low as the Missions are often extremely monotonous. 3/10
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