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The Art of Fight | 4vs4 Fast-Paced FPS

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Each game is divided into 10 rounds (the winner is the first to get to 6; the game can also end with a draw at 5). Each round lasts 2 minutes with 40 seconds extra time when an objective is being disputed. For each new round, players receive money to buy new gear (firearms, weapons, grenades, bulletproof vests, etc.). Survivors keep the gear they bought for the next round. One of the teams' objective is to carry a virus to the infection zones. The opposing team has to recover the object before the first team is able to carry out its mission. The game is made to be as realistic as possible when it comes to weapon control. For example, you will need to reload your firearms yourselves (don’t forget to bring as many magazines on you as possible) and to properly aim.

For this project, we have developed a brand new natural motion technique. This technique is based on the observation that when we walk our hands often move in the opposite direction of our feet. The player can “catch” the air by clicking on the “menu” button of the controllers and “pull” or “push” their body in the intended direction. This allows the player to move in an intuitive and comfortable manner (and prevents motion sickness) while being fast and agile and, most importantly, without ever ruining the immersion.

For the most sensitive people, it is possible to display a “comfort capsule” which surrounds the player during fast moves. This way, the player will not suffer from nausea as they will have the impression of being inside a cockpit, thus providing their brain fixed reference points to rely on.

The game is also designed to be compatible with the majority of VR motion interfaces, such as 3D treadmills and other feet controllers.

VR is a revolutionary technology and we want to create a FPS that shows exactly that. All your feedback is welcome and we will take it into account while proceeding with the game development.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: i5
  • Graphics: GTX 970
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: i7
  • Graphics: GTX 1070
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Last Modified: Aug 23, 2019

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Kill 20 enemies with a bladed weapon
Pit Dog
Kill 1 enemy with a bladed weapon
VR Lieutenant
Get 20 kills
Blade Runner
Kill 500 enemies with a bladed weapon
Last Man Standing
Win a Deathmatch
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The Art of Fight | 4vs4 Fast-Paced FPS reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review A long back and forth whether I buy this EA VR Title, but after browsing some Reviews and the Forum, I decided to dare and I didn't regret it. It can, of course, be down to the first Euphoria when you get that Multiplayer Experience. Because Time will tell if I change that review. The Art of Fight Is a Multiplayer shooter in the Sense of Counter-Strike Or other MP Shooters that run according to the system "If you die wait until the End Of the Round." Consequently, Teamwork or good Gesture Communication (pointing in this or that direction, pointing down to wait, ect.) is important. Weapons are purchased at the Beginning of each round. There are Also Armor, Grenades and (soon) other Items. Each Round you get a little more Money depending on whether you win or lose times more times less. So Far so well known and nothing new in an MP Shooter. Graphic: Minimalist and the Screenshots and Videos give it good. I don't know if this is still changing and there are to be Textures at some point, but I already find it a nice charm of my own. Graphic is not everything and it works well here. Sound: Nothing special. Standard Weapon sounds, the Steps sound a little 0815. But you can hear where someone is coming from right now and that's the Most important thing with something like that. Gameplay: TAOF offers 2 Types of Control. Easy and Pro. Personally, I play with the Pro variant because it can be adjusted more finer. What is easy, as far as I understand, is to point in the Direction, press button, run Off. Pro, on the other hand, requires the Player to pull himself "forward" with the Controllers. The Best way to describe it is with Skiing. Preling Hand, holding Button down, Swinging arm down past himself to the back and Releasing button. Depending on when to release the Movekopf And how quickly you get a brief Momentum. The beautiful thing is you can pull up so slowly at Corners without passing out, then become an open Target. It sounds too early knofus and it controls itself that way too, but after a few Rounds it sits. This Control does not cause motion scickness for me. The Handling of Weapons goes so far fine, although I have not yet been able to test all of them in full Action. Nice Feature is that you aim more closely when "holding" the Weapon with both Hands. How to do that? The Main Hand picks up the Weapon and as soon as you lead the second Hand to the Weapon (where you would hold your Hand in real Life) it snaps in there and the Geneosity Is increased a lot. If you Take your Hand away, you automatically detach yourself from it. So even more Buttoned-up wild Button-pressing falls away, hence a chic Idea. All in all, TAOF makes an uncanny whim in the MP, especially since you feel right in the middle of it, have to aim for yourself and the Action is just right. Do I Recommend this Game? Yes definitely and it also gets a positive Recovery Because I like it very much personally. Should it be bought now? No, not at this Price. The Game simply contains too little Content. Not all Weapons and only one Card. There Are also dozens Of Bugs, Glitches ect., because-> Early Access Who really has the Money left over and is looking for a good VR Multiplayer shooter. Slamming. Everyone else should stay with Rec Room (Paintball is simply the Hammer there) until there's more here.
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