The Catacomb Abyss

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You defeated your archrival Nemesis in a recent adventure into the catacombs. Since his defeat, the blinded minions of Nemesis have erected a mausoleum in his honor east of the Towne Cemetery. Since the mausoleum's erection, a dark cloud has overcast the land, giving rise to unspeakable visions of terror and acts of violence from the forces of Nemesis.

The townspeople have once again hired you to perform your feats of wizardry and prowess against what appears to be the work of the villainous Nemesis.

You will now proceed forward into the Towne Cemetery and beyond... seeking the source of the evil, and perhaps uncovering another of Nemesis' diabolical schemes.

You begin your quest in The Towne Cemetery, a place known for its many sad departures. As you take your first tenuous steps inside the dark compound, you reflect on a rumor which you heard in the Towne.

It is rumored that beyond the hedges of the Garden of Tears lies a mausoleum erected to the glory of the evil mage, Nemesis, your arch rival. One can only imagine what nightmarish terrors lurk in his crypt, and in the subterranean worlds that lie below its foundations.

The Sacred Script speaks of an ancient aqueduct system buried beneath the Towne. The revered fables tell us that the aqueduct leads to such diverse haunts as the Orc Mines, the Lair of the Troll, the Demon's Inferno and the fearful Battleground of the Titans.

The Druids speak emphatically about a Coven of Mages which has risen to the call of Nemesis to enslave and torture the inhabitants of the Abyss. These grim Keepers of Esoteric Ways guard the path which leads to the Inner Sanctum of Nemesis and to the certain Ways of Pain.

So, venture forth with courage and resolve. Study the information provided you in these pages so that you might survive the rigors of The Catacomb Abyss.

Release date
Gamer's Edge
Softdisk Publishing, Softdisk
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Feb 8, 2023

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