The Last of Us Part II

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The Last of Us Part II is the sequel to the post-apocalyptic zombie game The Last of Us.


The game follows Ellie, the girl who was the secondary protagonist and the player character's companion in The Last of Us. The game is set five years after the ending of the original. Both Ellie (who is by 19 now) and Joel survived and live in Jackson, Wyoming, where Ellie is dating another girl, Dina. However, the characters have to deal with the evil cult called the Seraphites, who try to sacrifice their former members. A matter of revenge forces Ellie and her friends to undertake a trip to Seattle, Washington, to kill their enemies. The major theme of the plot is Ellie's dealing with her hate issues.


Unlike in the original game, the player controls Ellie instead of Joel, who now becomes her AI-controlled companion. The game features improved controls that include new options such as crawling, dodging, and a jump button. A new AI system allows the human adversaries to communicate share information with each other. The game also introduces multiplayer.

Release date
Naughty Dog
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Age rating
17+ Mature
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System requirements for PlayStation 4

System requirements for PlayStation 5

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Complete the story with any Permadeath setting.
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Complete the story on Grounded.
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Custom Ellie (Bella Ramsey) Funko Pop
Oct 9, 2023
Part 2 help!
Oct 10, 2023
Did anyone else find the end really sad?
Oct 10, 2023
I really need help
Oct 11, 2023
I really need help
Oct 11, 2023
When did Abby's Arc 'click' for you?
Oct 10, 2023
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The Last of Us Part II : première partie 😍😍😍😍😍
The Last of Us Part II – Official Accolades Trailer
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The Last of Us Part II reviews and comments

There are some things that really didn't get to me in this game, mainly around some artistic / storyline decisions. I liked that it tried a bit to be like Attack on Titan, to make you see both sides of the same story and of the same conflict, in a morally ambiguous setup. And while Attack on Titan manages to make you love and feel sad for Reiner, which represents the other side, The Last of Us fails to make Abby more than a mediocre character which saves some kids because she felt bad. That is probably due to more decisions of how she is presented in game or her personality, but, for me, a big contributor to this (which also made everything feel a bit anticlimactic) was the storyline splitting decision: to have me (almost) finish Ellie's storyline and then make me start all-over from the beginning playing with Abby. That's quite a bold decision, pretty hard to digest - maybe if they made the storylines side by side, more intertwined and linked together it could've build up more immersiveness? I am not sure. But I am sure that the current version feels flawed.
Anyway, all that aside, the game is absolutely gorgeous. It hits you with the same emotional rollercoaster as the first one, maybe even a bit more, as it is more mature and more brutal, and it knows exactly how to handle the wounds, that it inflicts to you right at the beginning of the game, throughout the story. The gameplay is from another world, the visuals are unforgettable, the ending is brutal as hell. Makes you wonder who the real villain really is, while rooting for the same villain (because, again, the other protagonist is not that likeable).
I really hope people don't miss out on this game because of some storytelling decisions that they did not like. The game is totally worth it and it comes at you with an emotional rollercoaster and also a fun challenge I liked to play while in-game - how many times and how brutally can you kill Abby?
PS: the soundtrack is absolutely <3
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»
Great gameplay, but not good story and characterization. The strong point of the first The Last of Us was the characterization of the characters and the bond that was created between them (especially Joel and Ellie) while the sequel has almost all the characters badly characterized, the story is poorly executed and above all it is full of plot armor, deus ex machina etc ... that force the plot to move it forward and in a game like TLOU that wants to be realistic these things completely ruin the game. Even in the first TLOU there were similar things, but in a minor way and above all the game was executed so well that you didn't even notice it. In part 2 the suspension of disbelief is less given how many absurd situations and/or situations that serve to move the plot forward are created, thus leaving you indifferent to the events and making you want the game to end as soon as possible.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
«Waste of time»
Storytelling and worldbuilding at its peak
Just got done with my second playthrough of this. *spoilers for those who may have not played it*

Honestly I think I like it more than the first time I played it. Really took my time this time around. 

Gameplay is solid. Character movement feels amazing.

I love how quickly stuff can go wrong in a conflict. It's probably something that wouldn't play as well in other games and end up being irritating but with the setting of this game it makes total sense that you make a couple wrong moves and it's over for you. 

Game has an excellent balance of supplies (I assume this game has somewhat of a dynamic difficulty?), It's very rare I like a crafting system these days but it works quite well in this game what with you having to make decisions as to what you need more in any given moment. 

A key moment for me in the game is pitting infected against human enemies, but there's so little of it. I think you get to experience this like ...twice or three times in the whole game. I could fuck around with that for hours. 

There's a few parts that irk me, story wise. But things considered for a sequel, they did a really fucking job pulling it together, props for them really trying something off the beaten path for a sequel narrative too. Considering the first game was such a hit, it would have been easy (and probably advised by investors to play it safe).

The final scene still hits hard. 

A few extra notes: 
I wish we learned more about the seraphites and the rattlers. I think it's perfectly plausible that groups like this would arise in the post apocalypse world after 30 years or so, but I'd love to know how they came about recruiting people and whatnot. 

I wish there was some gameplay for the final part of Santa Barbara, when you release the prisoners, would be good to get involved in the chaos as they revolt against the Rattlers and would make for an excellent gameplay crescendo right before the final fight. 

I'm not sure what they fuck they'd do if they made a part III, maybe something about Abby and the regrouping of the fireflies. But I'd be here for it if they made it. 

There's probably a bunch of other things I thought of while playing this, but I didn't bother taking notes. this was the general gist of it tho.  

«Beaten more than once»
I simply don't have words to describe how good this game is.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to play this game and its precursory at once. That was crucial to my experience since Part II is an organic peace of Part 1. Why? well, let me explain. Basically, all events of Part 2 happen as consequences of the epilogue of Part 1. All the development we saw involving Joe and Ellie is elevated to extremes. But you have to play the first game to feel it. Going straight to the point, the prologue shows how impactful the new engine is. I played the Part 1 remake and was incredible, but still tied in the PS3 script. Here, there is no limit. It`s almost unbelievable to believe that this runs in a PS4. The expressions, lightning, physics. My god, is so verossimile. The gore though... insane. After that shocking beginning, we go thirsty to get our revenge. Fortunately, this game just shows us how important a perspective is. At first, I didn't like the Abby section. But when I started to get involved by the scars arc, man... I was totally into it.

This game is a study of human nature, such as Game of Thrones and Red Dead Redemption. Its connections to the first game add to the original narrative and integrate even more into the discussion about what we do for love. Powerful story. Unfortunately, since English is not my mother language, I really can't express myself about how impactful this game was for me. But anyway, I know you understand me if you played as I did.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Blew my mind»
-- The game is about not judging by people's worst actions, context matters
-- so that's why it's crazy how they can do that but switch protagonists to make you embody and empathize. It;s so meta that people hated the story and that's exactly what they're trying to get you to feel.  
-- Revenge! Is it ever worth it? They're the same!
--the game is maybe too long? Stretched out and the back (like I had to do the revenge) and I didn't want to restart the story with Abby 
-- The stealth mechanic was fun but the sound sucked for it and I wanted more interesting encounter styles 
-- The world building is sublime
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
The ending is heartbreaking
«Can’t stop playing»
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