Apr 20, 2018
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God of War

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God of War II is a hack-and-slash adventure developed exclusively for PS2, being, however, remastered for PS Vita and PS3. The game is the part of God of War franchise featuring two eras with 8 official titles overall. God Of War II takes place in the first 'Greek' era being the second title in it. Eras are divided by mythology that takes place in the — Greek and Norse respectively.
Throughout the game, you play as Kratos — demigod, son of Zeus. As the plot goes, you need to make your way out of the Underworld to avenge his father. Defeating Titans, beating the mobs up and flawlessly crack down all Greek pantheon is included.
God of War II alongside with other games in the series is composed of the brutal fighting system and finishing-offs — you have to tear the heads and limbs off, reaping your enemies apart and absorbing their abilities. All of that is powered up with endless QTEs during the boss fights. Unlike many other projects, it is possible here to fail QTE and start the fight from the very beginning.
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Games don't get better than this.
«Blew my mind»
"BOY ... you sure are missing out if you don't play this game." So, I'll admit, I never enjoyed the other GoW games. There was just something missing from them for me. This new entry into the series hits just about every nail on the head. You've got interesting characters, Atreus isn't useless like most NPC companions, game looks great on standard PS4 though at some parts I did get very noticeable frame rate drops, great soundtrack and some good boss fights too. One thing I didn't like about the game was the bosses that were essentially just re-skins of others with little to no variation in  move sets. All in all, this game has set the bar high, I can't wait to see what comes next. 9.5/10 
Nathan Drake goes berserk on Scandinavian mythology setting. And it's great! Actually, GOW is something between «Exceptional» and «Recommended» for me. Sometimes it's strongly reminds you, that it's only a game, like when you have that plastic level limitations or your son tells you: «Let's explore the world, dad!». Аnd you are like: «How long should we hang around with your dead mother's ash in a sac, kiddo?». And gnomes. Brok and Sindri looks like the most powerful creatures in a game with their invisibility skill, hundred of workshops around the world and ability to improve weapons with one hammer blow. But still it's a good story and you could rarely find such a narrative about relationship between a father and a son. It's closer to Last of Us more then Witcher3. And good story shouldn't necessarily be epic and large-scale. Combat system is balanced and spicy. Never ever it was so funny to chop and cleave your opponents. From that point, remember dry and stingy Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Witcher3 was bloody and about razor-sharp skills of trained monster-assassin, but God of War gives you real rage. One thing I missed, to be honest, is «16+» mode and gore.
10 BOYs out of 10
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Frankly, I didn't like previous GOW games. They were a bit boring and absolutely self repetative with no new mechanics in sequels. But God of War 2018 became one of my favourite games in few hours. It's a real masterpiece. I am waiting for the sequel
«Can’t stop playing»
«That Ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
The new God of War is an amazing new take on the series. And while some of the fans might miss the old slasher gameplay mechanics with tons of enemies and huge monsters to slay, the new GoW manages to prove that the shift to this new camera and limited set of weapons was a right thing to do. From the world that feels huge (like, physically huge), zero-cuts story and a great "father and son" dynamic, to the amazing new weapon that can be played in any imaginable way to fit your playstyle - the new GoW is a must-play if you ask me. And one final note - this is a rare game that leaves so much content to be explored after beating the main story, that you want to come back again and again. If you go only through the main plot - you'll only see ~60% of the game. You won't even visit some of the "biomes" which is a pretty bold move, and I respect the developers for doing that.
Literally game-changing experience
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Everything I love in a game! Anyone who has followed Kratos through his journey will certainly feel euphoric while playing this. Looks stunning and the gameplay is very pleasant. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you have no idea who Kratos is, this is an experience you should take. And once you're finished with this, do yourself a favor and play the other GoW games, you'll be glad you did! ;)
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
A strange mix of The Last of Us and Dark Souls with annoying QTEs. Was it so necessary to add this mechanics? The game is still fun without much depth in the gameplay but this FoV is quite frustrating. It’s not comfortable! Didn’t your testers notice that? However, the game’s visuals are awesome. Maybe you can find better looking titles today but the cinematic and the graphics in God of War are definitely one of the best on the market currently. And thanks for the Blades of Chaos - it’s nice to see them again.
Well, nothing new here. I don’t understand why everybody loves this game - the game design and the story are not really that good. Disappointed.
«Disappointment of the year»