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God of War II

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The second installment in the God of War franchise and exclusive for the Sony PlayStation 2 console. The game uses basics from the hack-and-slash genre, like its predecessor, and was developed by Santa Monica studio, which is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment. The game is recognized as one of the best for the console from Sony and the best game in action genre in 2007. The game was released on Sony Playstation 2 already at the moment when the third version of the console was already selling for four months. The developers explained their decision: one hundred million people already playing on PlayStation 2, whereas on the next-generation console gamers were just going to adopt the new hardware.

Key features

The player controls Kratos, who in the first part killed the god of war Ares and took his place. The game heavily relies on the ancient Greek mythology and uses it as inspiration and the main source for enemies and NPC design as well as locations design. However, the game is not a great source of accurate historical facts: Ancient Greece history was rewritten for the sake of the genre and the game universe, the rules of which were established in the first part.

The story

King of the gods Zeus betrays Kratos and kills him, but the Spartan is saved from the Underworld by another goddess Gaia, who invites Kratos to find the Sisters of Fate and go to the past and prevent his own murder. The gameplay remained the same: the player can use several attacks, which can be combined and improved with the help of the in-game currency collected from enemies. The game has a lot of Quick-Time-Events, mostly they are used in battles with bosses and in finishing combo-moves. Bosses in the game, in comparison with the first part, significantly increased.

Release date
Sony Interactive Entertainment
SCE Studios Santa Monica
Sony Computer Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Feb 29, 2020

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God of War II reviews and comments

The consensus regarding sequels is proven right again, God of War II bigger, better and braver than its predecessor. Having defeated the God of War, Kratos takes his seat on Mount Olympus and lords over the battlefields of war. However, when he is betrayed in the most visceral and confrontational manner, Kratos must embark on a quest to change his fate and set in motion events that will bring about the end of the Olympians. The game is still an arcade hack-n-slash game. None of that has ever been lost in the first six games of the God of War saga. But this game definitely ups the quality of graphics and really makes the gameplay feel polished, refined and fluid. The items and abilities that Kratos obtains during this quest are probably the best in the series. I always complained about God of War Ascension and how there really wasn’t any inventive weapons and abilities Kratos picked up in that game. But here, there is quite the arsenal that can be deployed against endless waves of enemies. The story is fantastic and the setting (the Isle of Fate) is wonderful. As a side note, the God of War games always have this big set area where most of the game takes place. In the first game it is Pandora’s Temple, in this game it is the Isle of Creation, and in God of War III it is Mount Olympus. The enemies are all diverse and present new challenges to overcome. There’s also some pretty big voice acting names in this game. The late Michael Clarke Duncan, Linda Hunt (who is the Narrator of the series, but also is a main character), Harry Hamlin and other veteran voice actors lend their talents to this amazing game. There are also plenty of characters and creatures from Greek mythology that are featured as opposed to just creatures that populated the first game. It was kind of cool seeing that other “heroes” exist in this dark world of Ancient Greece. Overall, this game proves that a perfect sequel surpasses the original and sets the stage for future installments, or in this case the climactic finale of God of War…well….the Greek Saga of God of War.

Rating: 5/5
«Blew my mind»
Not much to complain, there’s an epic storyline, impressive setting (Kratos is dull tho), a solid fighting system. At some points the game makes you yawn repeating the same moves, but it’s a good thing to play for some days.
«That ending!»
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