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God of War III Remastered

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The game is the fifth installment in the God of War series, and the sequel to 2007's God of War II. The action takes place in ancient Greece, the characters - the gods of Olympus and other characters of ancient Greek mythology. The main character is God of War Kratos. We meet him after the betrayal, as a result of which he found himself in the power of his father, the king of the gods of Olympus, Zeus. Kratos seeks Pandora to discover Pandora's Box, defeat Zeus, and end of reign of the Olympian gods. He is opposed by monsters, titans, other gods, but he is led by the spirit of Athena and his mighty powers.

The gameplay is focusing on combo-based combat. The player's main weapon is the Blades of Exile, the other weapon is acquired during the game. Some magical powers are also used. The game includes quick time events, puzzles and platforming elements.
God of War III offers a revamped magic system, more enemies, new camera angles - compared to previous games of the same series.

Release date
Santa Monica Studio
Sony Computer Entertainment
Age rating
17+ Mature
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System requirements for PlayStation 4

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Last Modified: Feb 27, 2024

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God of War III Remastered reviews and comments

Simply amazing. The best of the franchise for sure. It's epic from the beginning to the end, and, for the first time in GoW games, I got angry. That feeling makes you want to destroy everything in front of you and it's amazing.

The graphic evolution shows how much the devs were limited in the PS2 era. The scale grows so much and it combines with the plot. Gore is just amazing for a PS3 game. The reflexes, rain, fire, and other effects gave soul to the gameplay - visually speaking.

And gameplay-wise... Undoubtedly, that is the better of all GoW games, including the moral reboot. You feel powerful and the variety of combos is way larger. Every gun is usable and has its purpose. With is perfect, you can naturally power up much of your arsenal to the max this time. Also, the skills mapped to the d-pad were a good insight. Another thing I loved about this game was the enemies. There are a lot of them and a lot of ways to kill each one.

The bosses icing on the cake. They are challenging, but not so much, which I like in the context - since all we want is to destroy. The design of them is unique, as the quick time events. Also, something I did not like in the beginning was the smash buttons style, but I'm already missing it in GoW 2018, to be honest.

The level design and puzzles are good, especially the first one. Actually, all the art direction is amazing in all scenarios. And the story... man, I was into it. A lot. Had to say, a good ending is not easy. I'm happy they got it in this one.
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
Looks great, fantastic, frantic action, and a very mediocre story.  
Kratos’s quest for vengeance comes to an end. After retrieving the Titans from the past and returning them to his present day, Kratos storms Mount Olympus to bring an end to the Greek gods who have betrayed him and taken everything from him. By this entry the gameplay and mechanics of these games had gone as far as they could go. God of War Ascension and Ghost of Sparta still lacked a lot of the inventiveness that God of War and God of War II offered in regards to gameplay. But this game was probably the final chapter in this story of Kratos’s life. The story is kind of barebones if I’m honest. Yes, it’s satisfying to finally see Kratos unleash his fury on these gods, but there really isn’t much there in so far as adventure and some of the physical journeys that Kratos has embarked upon in past titles. Some plot points from the first game comes back into play, which I’m fine with, but sometimes it does feel a little bit like a retread, but the story is coming full circle so it makes sense to tie things back to the first game. The graphics are really good and the remastered graphics are just as amazing. The voice acting is phenomenal across the board. The sound and music are top notch. But there is just something lacking from this final leg of Kratos’s journey. Maybe it’s the confined halls of Mount Olympus, the monotony of going to the Underworld and back to Olympus, or maybe it’s the story. Something keeps this entry from being as great as it should be. But it is a fun game, I would definitely recommend it and I would say that it IS the final act of Kratos’s early life so it is a necessary game to play for the series.

Rating: 4.5/5
A lot of Bugs on PS4. Everytime I play I found another one. Sometimes Hermes don't appears, or his event continues for no longer. Some monsters or rivals eventually disappears of the map. At Kronos boss, sometimes happens a bug when u climb his arms, etc. But it doesn't matter bc u can still progress in the game. The point is that these bugs don't appear on PS3. Recommended. I always like to play this game.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
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