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The Underground Man

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Moscow: somewhere in the near future. The city and perhaps the Earth's surface has turned into a radioactive ash. Survivors are living a savage lifestyle: they kill each other, they rob each other, they eat and rape each other (sometimes both at the same time). Those who decided that they could not exist in such conditions began to live under the ground. “The underground people” is how they referred to themselves and you are one of them. The times have changed and it is time for you to make your own journey into the big world. The biggest problem is that the people on the surface do not know about your existence. They have heard about “underground people”, but they consider those rumors to be fiction. Your objective is to prove to them that you do indeed exist and that you also possess the ability to adapt to the extreme conditions of the wild radioactive desert. Moreover, you will be responsible for provisioning your fellow brothers and sisters, who are staying underground.
Features of the game include:
-Enjoyable retro-graphics
-A post-apocalyptic theme
-Extremely detailed characters
-A cozy bar as a location
-A unique system of character development; you write it yourself and it is applied to your adventures.
-Mercenary-girls that will help you during your journey
And a lot more.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD4000
  • Storage: 204 MB available space
  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD4000
  • Storage: 204 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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The Underground Man reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
"The Underground Man" is a game of Mehsoft company, the creator of which is Ilya Mad, the former Videoblogger, now one of the top streamers of the Russian segment of Twitch. In its genre "Underground man"-platformer with elements of Bitemapa, where you need to enter the answers in dialogues itself (long time I have not seen such a system), to advance on the story, battling enemies and defeating bosses until you reach your goal-sausages in Test. Needless to say that the game is absolutely linear, and the only variability is present only in the choice of a partner (which are different characters and replicas), and the elections in the dialogues lead to two outcomes-you continue to play or die an unglorious death. The Technical side of the game is made in a non-urn (except for the huge number of critical bugs, which can ignite even the strongest ass): The sprites of the characters look good, the animations are not too stiff, the backs are enough Entourage, and the music, despite the monotony, does not irritate the hearing and even gives pleasure. Respect. The Artistic side of the game is better: The dialogues are written very soundly, it is felt that wrote their man, understanding in the correct construction of the text, jokes and Otsylok just a great set, and the plot is able to bring to hysterical laughter, if you look Of Ilya's stries. And here we come to a very important aspect and one of the main disadvantages of the game-the perception of the product, if you are not familiar with the work of the Madah. I am almost sure that any person from the side, what happens will seem extremely unfunny, blunt and full of sorting humor (it is necessary to understand that the game was made in the first place is not for such people), because I am almost sure that the game will be sprinkled with bad Reviews because "UUYYYJEJEJE MAD DUMB GAME BAD ZDELANA TUPA VERFILAMENT 300 SHIRTS YYYJEJEJE". Summing up: "Underground man"-definitely a great game, if you like to watch Ilya and are his fan, but it is not something that is worth to take, if you want to build your 300 rubles and just buy an interesting game, and the Madd you are indifferent or you Have no idea who it is at all. I like the regulars and big fan Ilya, I liked it so much that by the time of writing the review I passed the game on 100%, got all the achievements, listened to all the dialogues with each of the companions, tried all the replicas in conversations with the NPCS, and Even played the game in English to appreciate the difference in the text. Among other things, there were a couple of moments when I literally panted from laughing and rolling on the floor, but humor is a very subjective thing, so I can not vouch for what you appreciate. And Finally I will say that while all streamers/bloggers collect donates just so as to buy a new camera/TV/computer/webcam or generally hire a lawyer, the Madd gives you 8 hours of interesting gameplay for your modest donation in 300 Rubles (but he could collect money in advance, using the Kikstarter, and then release the Drrisnya for an hour of gameplay. Think about it before you scream that "Fat is screwed, you are"). P.S. Very pleased with the opportunity to play for Gitman and Yubermarginal, although it gives only cosmetic changes, but still nice.
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