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The Yawhg

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The Yawhg is a one-to-four player choose-your-own-adventure game that randomizes a unique story every time you play. The evil Yawhg is returning. How will the town’s locals lead their lives in the meanwhile, and what will they do when the dreaded Yawhg finally arrives? The fate of a community hinges on the characters’ actions, and the decisions of their players.Features
  • Stories which can be played alone, or with friends.
  • A fully fleshed-out world, where actions can have dire consequences.
  • A randomly generated story that's different every time you play.
  • Gorgeous artwork by the award-winning Emily Carroll.
  • Over 50 unique endings that can happen to every character.
  • A haunting soundtrack by Ryan Roth, sound designer for Starseed Pilgrim.
  • A s͎e̝̬̠̭ͅn̬͉̪͕͇s̜̝̮͔͈e͓͎̻̦̣͔͉͢ ̺̰̫͜o̧͚̹͉̰̬͍̲f̛̟͉͈̥̠́ ̢̙̫̖̙̱͠i̺̰͉̟͎͟͡m̺͈̟͚͜͡ͅp͘͝͏̝̲̲͚̤e̵͈n̸̙̮̺̥̩͖̩̤̙ḓ̤͖̀i̛͇̖̞̺̲͈̲̠͟n̸̡̜͜g̴̛̲͙̙̪̳͚͎̼̹͙̮̲̻͓̀͘͞ͅ ̵̷̢̙͍̣̖̭̪͚̻͎̤̞̙̖̰͕͕͞d͝͏̣̝̫̱̱̥̹͇̹̺̮̤͉ͅó̷̯͕̙͔͚͙̳̳̮̣͈͍͚̟̬̟͎̖̕͘o̵̴҉̢̙̬͇̖͉̜͠m̵͏͉̲̠̱͙͉̳̻̖͉̟̦̩͙͉̯͢͟ͅͅ.̷̸̵̧̬͍̙͕̫̝͖̞̩̥̩̣̙͍̗̱͓͈͚͇̣̤͜
Release date
Damian Sommer
Emily Carroll
Damian Sommer
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: A resolution of at least 1280 x 720.
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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The Yawhg reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
The game is beautiful: artistic direction that has character, sober but mesmerizing music. Aesthetic question, I was seduced. The narrative arc is as simple as it is effective: you have to overcome the Yawhg test without knowing how it is in your first game. To do this, you will visit various places in the city where you'll be subjected each time to a biniary choice that will make you win or lose resources and/or talent points. The encounters are not lacking in spice and originality and we allow ourselves to be lulled to the outcome, when your past choices will define your destiny. only... the game is very short. And its more than limited replayability. The Yawhg makes for me one of those games that delight the first hour and then fall back like a poorly prepared soufflé. Last remark: If the idea of being able to play up to 4 is welcome, why on earth should we at least embody 2 characters? The game is ready for solo. If we want to play alone, we will have to coltinate 2 characters each with their separate story... a little schizophrenic. In the end, this criticism is not "negative" in itself but I can advise the game only if it is solded because even for €8.99, you will have quickly made the rounds.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Strange game that is the Yawhg. Strange but funny. This is the kind of game that you have to get out of your steam library one to two times a year to preserve the aroma. And there, magic can operate, subtly, to KLM... We gather around the screen, like an Assembly of time once around the hearth, eager for rocambolesque stories, scary and amusing. And we follow the adventures of our avatars (up to four) in the regions of a medieval realm function in order to improve their statistics during vaguely random events, depending on their schedule and where they wish to perfect their art (while most prefer to hang out in taverns, I have personally always had a weakness for woodworking... probably inspired by the brave Charles Ingals...). Then one day, not so beautiful, the Yahwg arrives. No matter what it is (a storm, a mutant Beaver invasion, a tax notice...) the devastated region is waiting to be rebuilt. How will you help (or not) the heavy reconstruction work of the Kingdom? Will you be a leader, a supporter, a coward profiteer? This is roughly how the game takes place. It's rather slim, without real stakes (other than narrative) and the multi player is finally there only to compare the different destinies of your heroes, without any interaction between them... And yet, the title is coming, selling dream and promises unique adventures (within the limits of available stocks), waiting for the next, within a few months, story not to exhaust too quickly the different possibilities offered. I really hope that other similar games, more complete, longer, with real interaction between the characters and the wider horizons are emerging, in a fairly close future. Because these precious and fleeting experiences are still too rare in the world of video games. Important point: it is better to have a correct level of English to fully enjoy it.
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