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TransRoad: USA

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Manage your very own logistics company, discover the complex world of cross-country haulage and keep the US economy up and running!

In this exciting new management simulation game by Deck13 Hamburg you will start out as the owner of a small logistics company and cleverly employ all of your managerial skills to lead your business to success.

Have you ever wanted to found a company in Kansas City? Or are you more the Vegas type? Whether you prefer the Rocky Mountains or New York feel free to live the American Dream on the realistic map of TransRoad USA. Choose a headquarter in one of 37 real US cities, buy your first trucks and trailers and hire some drivers. Find the best contracts and the best route combinations to avoid unladen journeys and work to your clients’ satisfaction.

You know that trust is maybe the most important good in business? You would like to form a close - and gainful - relationship with your customers? In TransRoad USA building a good reputation with a great variety of clients all across the USA is the key to success. Deliver orders in time and manage special requests to build up trust and gain access to the real big transport contracts.

One US truck is not enough for you? So, how about 100? Manage your growing truck fleet with dozens of vehicles and trailers and send them across the whole USA. Be smart in assigning the right trucks to contracts, avoid unladen journeys and make the real big money! Unlock new types of goods by buying trailer concessions and aquire new clients. Connect key industries with their suppliers in a complex simulated economy.

You thought that you had finally mastered your business? But are you prepared for the upcoming economic crisis in the automotive sector? TransRoad USA will simulate economical KPIs like markets and prices and will always come up with a new event to surprise you. Challenge accepted?Features:
  • Complex company management: Buy and sell trucks and trailers, hire and fire drivers, develop and expand your marketing department, buy trailer concessions, take out and pay back loans, review statistics, and more
  • Truck management: Maintain your trucks, flexibly combine trucks, trailers and drivers to fulfil contracts on time
  • Trailers for heavier loads need more powerful trucks - decide wisely between two-, three- or even four-axle trucks
  • Complex order and customer relations management
  • Many unique clients with several sub-offices
  • 7 different trailer types which can be unlocked by buying new trailer concessions
  • Deliver orders in time or suffer painful penalties
  • Earn the full trust of a customer to unlock profitable recurring orders
  • Meet your opponents - on the map and in the statistics
  • Realistic USA map with more than 37 cities and 19 famous landmarks
  • Freely zoomable map - from full US overview to a close-up of your truck
  • Three game modes: Campaign, Sandbox and Quest mode
Release date
Deck13 Hamburg
Astragon Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: tba

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: tba
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Efficient planning
Dump uniformity
Achieve a company value of $1,000,000 while only using dump trailers.
Rise of a Trucker
Finish the campaign.
Special Contract Novice
Complete your first special contract.
Sweet neat fleet
Have at least 50 trucks in your fleet that make a positive lifetime profit.
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TransRoad: USA reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So I usually don't rate Games, but here I have to do it. Game is only partially playable in this State and therefore a Purchase is NOT recommended at this Time! Current Bugs (after about 25 Minutes of Play):-Engine "overloads," is mainly due to the big Card and the Mass of Input. -after 10 Minutes playing (Sandbox) including In-Game Radio, the Game starts to jerk down strongly and ends with a back-to-desktop crash (2x tested at ~ 10-15 Minutes)-Performance in general-overlap texts (E.g. at Order companies, point unlocked), stand there Several Texts on top of each other Nevertheless a few words of praise! I think it's good that you can plan tours on this large Scale. That's fun! The Idea is very good. Deck13 Is sure to improve, just as they did at TransOcean. Retiwishes for any Patches that may follow:-permanent tours (infinite Journeys from Fa. X to Fa. Y)-Introducing a Dispatcher, which can, for example, monitor an entire Depot. -e-Trucks-Police Checks-obstacles to the Veat (E.g. traffic Jams)-etc. UPDATE #1 After now taking just under 6 Hours of Play, I can give a little better Feedback. -Permanent Tours (infinite Journeys from Fa. X to Fa. Y) Permanent Tours have already been implemented. But I Couldn't see before, because 25 Minutes of Play was not enough. -Introducing a Dispatcher, which can, for example, monitor an entire Depot. Open-e-Trucks & generally more Options as far as the Fleet is concerned open-Police Checks traffic Controls Also exist, but only to a certain Extent. Only Licences of the Drivers are checked. All in Ording? all right! -Vehrkehr obstacles (E.g. Traffic Jams) open Current Bugs (after About 6 Hours of Play):-Engine "overloads", is mainly due to the large Map and the Mass of Input. -after 10 Minutes playing (Sandbox) including In-Game Radio, the Game starts to jerk down strongly and ends with a back-to-desktop crash (2x tested at ~ 10-15 Minutes)-Performance in general-overlap texts (E.g. at Order companies, point unlocked), stand there Multiple Texts on top of each other-If you want to (unfortunately not reproducible 100%ally) the Map by Mousewheel, then the Icons shift on the Map and stop in the wrong Place. Remedy only manages to press Q or E once, then everything humps to its usual Place-sporadically: A Truck that has been serviced does not receive "serviced Status" and then has to be serviced again-double costs-Costs exponentially to the Revenues-Kampange starts Although as usual, no Task is displayed during the Game (a new Battle line has to be started)-From the Rank of Self-employed to the Cargo carrier you need 5 unlocked customers, 5 Trucks, 8 Trailers, 5 drivers, 22 Orders delivered on time and $200,000 Cash. However, only 6 Trailers fit into a maximum Extended depot. So a new Depot has to be bought. And there, at the Fixed cost of the Depot, the Fixed Costs of the 2 standing supporters have to be paid. Especially not very helpful at the Beginning. UPDATE #2 I just noticed a small but decisive Error. If you Play the Kampange, take out a maximum Loan right at the Beginning, buy a Depot Upgrade from it and The Trucks and Trailers, then you have more than two Trucks and Trailers at the Beginning. The Kampange later demands "Own 2 Trucks (or the like)." Eziegic in the Bar is behind it, for example, 4 out of 5. I then had to buy another TRUCK and Trailer to complete the Part of the Battle. Here, the Testing of existing Vehicles appears to be flawed. UPDATES will follow! :-) If I notice more Bugs, then I am writing an Update here (also to Patches):-) My System: i7 7700k 32 GB RAM Game was installed on an NVMe SSD 1070GTX
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