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Treasure Hunter (2018)

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Treasure Hunter is about setting off into interesting locations that have been of some significance in the past and using metal detectors to uncover that past by finding interesting artifacts and get to know they historical significance.
With locations scattered all over the world, you’ll need to find something interesting and valuable in your local woods to gain the prestige and funds needed for better equipment and travel expenses to exotic, remote locations. You can decide to keep artifacts for your collection or to auction them off to travel even further or get even better gear.
Treasure Hunter is not a metal detector simulator per se, but rather a mix of arcade and simulation. With streamlined detector mechanics the game is enjoyable not only for the fans of the genre, but casual gamers as well. Simple, intuitive gameplay elements combined with beautiful landscapes make for a truly enjoyable experience.
Key features:
• 10/12 beautiful, handcrafted locations
• 8 different metal detector types to upgrade
• 100+ artifacts to find
• 10+ legendary artifacts
• Artifacts can be found in various conditions
• Identification and collection of artifacts
• Artifacts can be sold to bolster funds for better gear and travel expenses to remote locations

Release date
PlayWay, Movie Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows(64-bit) 7 or Newer
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
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Last Modified: Jan 15, 2024

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Find 10 legendary items.
Travel the world.
Finish Line
Finish the story mode.
Buy your first digital detector.
Finish 5 time trials.
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Treasure Hunter (2018) reviews and comments

Did you ever wish Tomb Raider had less fighting and more tomb raiding? Do you find incessant clicking and beeping oddly soothing to your ear drums instead of triggering misophonia? Do you want to get a metal detector and go out looking for stuff but are worried you'd look weird? Are you autistic? Then this game may tickle your autism in all the right ways. Your friends may have Euro Truck Sim, Windows Flight Sim or War Thunder. But you? No, you're a different breed. You and your one or two friends in the playground would spend too long digging in the sand creating holes that your teacher made you fill back up. You dreamed of going on treasure hunts but without the exciting adventure, just the digging and exploring. You spent hours reading the DK Eyewitness Books on Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. The only thing? I wish it was more detailed as far as actually unearthing and cleaning things. A true sim treasure hunting/archaeology game would include skills and tools for the very fine cleaning work you need to do.
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
For a Handful of Dirt-or-the Suffering of the 46th Berth Mountain Marine. "With my last sake, I want my Son to have to cycle the Rest of his Life in the Dirt." Oh or something like that, our Father must have told the Lawyer, because that's exactly what we inherit. A Metal Detector and so 40 Quests in which we are supposed to budget, run, or Photograph, but probably above all in the Dirt. We Find all sorts of things, but above all Rubbish. Once we've managed the last Mission, it just stops. Not even a final Text or something. We dig through 11 Levels, for that we need about 12 Hours, but it doesn't matter where you are, you find the same Shit everywhere. I Am particularly sorry about the 46th Regiment, the Berte mountain Smarm. (BGM) All over the World, these poor Pigs had to fight. From Gettysburg, across Scotland'S Shores, in Caves of Vikings and even in the desert. Biggest Enemy, the Constant disclaims buttons. We find thousands of Buttons and on always Needles, but they probably or badly did not want to hold. We Also find Crown Corks in Abundance. At Fallout, I think I'd be a Millionaire. And Carabiner Hooks-are part of the classic Equipment at THE BGM. Fun at Page, here are the Facts 11 Levels, all great Designed. For each Level, a dedicated Soundtrack-which then repeats itself every 5 Minutes-Extremely annoying when you are budgeting there. Tip: Music off, MediaPlayer on. There are many different Loot, but it repeats itself constantly and for Example among the large Metal Parts that you can find, you will always find the same 4. Here and there came something special, E.g. a Padlock or something, that is, items that I have only found once. But these, too, were mostly Worthless And brought me hardly any Money. Which would be the next Problem. I wouldn't have a Problem grazing each Map from front to back and then going to the next one, but no: Go there, take a Picture. Zack made. Next Mission Make a Photo there this time. So I have to go to the same Map twice to do the Quests. Here I would be fond if you could give Up Quests during the Mission and accept the Episode Quest. The hinges: Every Trip costs us Bares. So If we Have to go to the Map three times for quests and have to pay €450million per Enter, for example, we have to budget so much each time until we have got this Amount out again, which can take well and less than half an hour at 450 times. With each new Map, the Amount increases, which is why it took me almost 4 Hours for the last 2 Maps-too boring! The next Problem, you're budging in front of you, Scrap brings €1n, other Stuff chiseled around €20 around the Spin. Unfortunately, nowhere is it added up how much you have now. So If I want to know if my Visit has paid off, I have to open the Inventory and painstakingly add up every Value of each Item. This is the only way to know if you can go back, or dig even further in order to be able to afford the next Visit to the Map. Our Character seems To be Anyway trading Incapable of Knocking out for a Broken, bent ostetetn nail he manages a €1!!! -but for a Gold Coin that is 500 Years old in perfect condition only €30???? I really Find it a Pity that you can find the same thing on every Map, I think my Nails ok. But in deserted Areas where no Man was yet, in the middle of the Desert-cans, Carabiner Hooks, a fucking fish Hook???? Please Level-specific Loot. That would be the biggest Problem-you'll find the same. Let's face it, how many Items are there in this Game? 30 maybe? And then 3 different Hammer Heads? Folks, Folks. You guys made this Game so incredibly boring, that's Madness. I still don't understand why I tormented my way through here. Here are a few Suggestions on what else you could find: Militaria, i.e. different Pistols, weapons, Swords and Shields, Armor Pieces, ammunition boxes, Magazines, large Cartridges of Artillery, more different Helmets please, medallias, Badges. Vll. also individual Weapon Parts, such as Chamber, run etc. You could even make a Mini-name shot that you can assemble the Weapon when you find all The parts. More ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ would also be great Earrings, rings, Necklaces, Crowns. All from different Eras and Cultures. There's such a big selection. Even with The Scrap, you could have put more Effort into it. Cans, old Phones, some shitty Coins would have been cool already. Ne old Frying Pan, a Rust, a Mopped tank. Man man. The List is infinite. Still, a Thumbs up, because even this Lame marching And half-gorge Game principle has captivated Me hours, even though it's just running, pipsing, clicking three to five times.
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