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Trouble Witches Origin - Episode1 Daughters of Amalgam

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◆That witches come back undergone a further power-up!
◆New character "Fuminoimiki Kozakura" is entered! Referred to as the secret weapon of the east of the country her ability and how!?
◆Creative and beautiful all six stages are all re-adjust based on the "Trouble Witches AC". New capture of the cavalcade, yet familiar.
◆1280 × 720 resolution. All the graphic re-adjustment.
◆The biggest feature "Magic Circle system" more easy-to-use adjustment. Exhilaration of alchemic the past the largest !
◆All stories by full voice is raised new writing. Of course, also in English subtitles corresponding!
◆It plans to add a large number of the "Challenge Mode" in DLC even after the main release. TW of the world are endless!

★The Trouble Witches -With Amalgam's Cutie Girls- Story.★

This story doesn't take place in the present, but in a dream-like world where life thrives in abundance without fear-Karunbunkurs.
Here, time passes slowly like a huge wave; people and nature exist together in eternal harmony and prosperity.
Beings living here discovered a miraculous power, which was, at first, small, and then grew large enough to move the world. The power transformed into "mana," a force that could only be handled by a chosen few, to whom it was entrusted.
It has been used properly and passed down from generation to generation; now, after several millennia, the power has become common and natural, a convenient form of witchcraft.
However, some things have been forgotten over the long period of peace.
An immense and dangerous power.
The temptation of the dark side that even sees destruction as worthwhile, depending on how the power is used.
Behind the convenient, gentle witchcraft used by all, is this dark temptation that has never disappeared.
People also forgot that this immense power is vital for maintaining the existence of the world. Eventually, it changed into a special witchcraft; only a few talented and gifted people can handle it.
This is a story about young witches who use this special magic as it was meant to be used.

Release date
Studio SiestA
Rocket-Engine Co.,Ltd.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or Higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Support to DirectX11 Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Support to DirectSound Soundcard
  • Additional Notes: For multi monitor, full screen operation is not guaranteed in Windows 7 Aero "*Scheduled for coming soon". DirectX End-User Runtime *About a controller besides I recommend a controller for X-input. About the controller except X-input, I cannot guarantee normal movement.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Sowing sowing! Sowing seeds!
Intercept 256 seed bullets launched from Pannio & Oesel. (TW ORIGIN)
What a waste!?
Break a Card when you get hit. (TW ORIGIN)
Welcome to Eihemland!
Open the Trouble Witches.
Punish the Kotatu master Snowberry!
Defeat Snowberry, the witch of stage3! (TW ORIGIN)
Punish Lili the black egg!
Defeat Lili, the witch of stage4! (TW ORIGIN)
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Trouble Witches Origin - Episode1 Daughters of Amalgam reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
You like shmups? You like engrish? You'll LOVE this game. The gameplay is good, the scoring system is based on stopping bullets on screen using a magic circle generated on will by your character familliar, and killing the ennemy who spawned them, to turn those bullets into coins. You can use the coins in shops you'll encounter during the stage (generally two or three time in each one), to buy spellcards, lives and magic. Magic let you have the magic circle last longer, lives are self explanatory... Spellcards are consumables. Once activated, for a limited time : - your shots change according the the spellcard type - coins are collected automatically (you normally have to let go of the shoot key otherwise) - star coins are generated (those are the scoring items) - if you get hit, the spell is canc elled but it will save you. Overall it's a good shmup, and for the price you can't go wrong.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hammer hard horizontal Cute'm Up You like Cave Shmups but aren't really convinced Of those yet? Mushihimesama was too easy, Deathsmiles not cheesy enough and Dodonpachi now somehow too mainstream? Then, and only then, should you take a Look at Trouble Witches Origin-Episode1 Daughters of Amalgam. Otherwise, you will be tormented by Caves Ball Hells-they are prettier, more entry-level and clearer! Trouble Witches is at first Glance reminiscent of a Kind of Death-smile that has taken all the Pseudo-gloom "Japanese play European medieval flair" by moving it into the Cotton universe. You know-Fairy Tale Adventure Cotton 100%, Panorama Cotton and Rainbow Cotton, these Cute'm Ups with the manga witch some may still know from Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Dreamcast. What is especially reminiscent of Deathsmiles here is a small, cute Companion animal-I think it's a pink Horse, but I actually don't want to know this so well-Which one always likes to help us Intercept part of the enemy Barrage fire and thus mostly Place the Spoon before us. In addition, a temporary and locally limited Bullet-freezing Function of opposing Superiority helps us to become Master. Here, the freezing Balls form the Shield against the subsequent Projectiles. In addition, we can take a Break in occasional And bacclaimed shops in the Form of very strangely designed Airships coming directly from the Barrage. With a manga figure at least as cheesy as the Protagonist herself, all sorts of useful argument amplifiers can be bought for One-time use. Sega'S Fantasy Zone salutes. I don't know what the Developers have thrown in, but the Enemy Spectrum covers the whole known spectrum with evil Witches, strange Airships and Beard Whales. The Brew runs Butter soft, no matter how much is going on on screen right now. Bullets come from all Sides, Opponents crumbling or Exploding-and as a Player you're glad to be able to freeze the Barrage at least Intermittently to at least retain the Whiff of a Chance. Overall, everything looks really pretty, but visually it doesn't approach a cave shmup. However, the Developers may simply have lacked the Capacity to do so. Those who seek a cheesy Challenge-Please: Do not Force yourself!
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