Games starting with E

Eat and RunEAT A TACOEat Banana Till You SlimEAT BEAT DEADSPIKE-sanEat Birds!EAT BUGSEat Burgers (And Other Stuff)EatCircleEat CrispEat DinosaursEatDotsEat DotsEat EggsEat'em allEat'em All (Sirill)eat em' up pixelsEaten AliveEater of BlocksEater of WorldsEaters in a (not so) peaceful skyEaters of LightEat EverythingEat! Fat! FIGHT!Eat Floating IslandsEat FoodEat, FrogEatGhostsToWinEAT GIRLEatGrassEat Grow LiveEat Honey, Bee HappyEating ApplesEating BingerEating blocksEating Challenge MultiplayerEating etiquettesEating Grass SimulatorEating HeartsEating MachineEating PracticeEating Sim LD42 EditionEating - The GameEating with a Dog SimulatorEAT INSECTSEat itEAT-ITEat it up!Eat LeadEAT LEAD (itch)Eat Lead: The Return of Matt HazardEat!Live!Kill!Win!Eat LocalsEat Long And ProsperEAT - Ludum Dare 40EatmanEatman (itch)EatmashEat MeEat me!Eat me if you can!Eat MonsterEat More BurgereatMoreBurgers();Eat More SheepEat More ShrimpsEat my AssEat My CarrotEat My Carrots!Eat My ChunderEat My DustEat My Dust! (Mobile App)Eat my Shuriken and Die!Eat n' DefeatEat N DriveEat N Drive: Fastfood BusinessEat N' RunEat 'n Run Twins EditionEat N' TravelEat Or DieEAT or FIGHTEat or Yeet!Eat PlantEat Prey LiveEat SheepEat Sheep & DieEat Ships and ThriveEat ShitEat shit and die, John Doe!Eat, Sleep, Bet, Repeateat(); sleep(); code();Eat, Sleep, RepeatEat, sleep, repeat (Dilien)Eat SoupEat The Banana By The TaintEat The Broomeat the burger: the gameEATTHECHOCOLATEEat The Fish 2016eat the frog!Eat the FutureEat the GemEat the GoldEat the King!Eat Them!Eat Them AllEAT THEM ALL!Eat The Matheat the moon 🍪Eat the orange 0.1.5eat the poison 1Eat The Poison -1eat the poison 3: a cumstain on the face of humanity: the end of a cycleEat: the RevolutionEat The Rich (Black Friday Simulator)Eat the SandwichEat the Spaghetti to Forgetti Your RegrettiEat ThisEat this!Eat Thy GreensEatTilYouPop.ioEat Town.ioEat TrashEat Up 3DEatvolveEatWellEat Your Friends!Eat your greens!Eat Your Greens: Second HelpingsEat your heart Valentine!Eat Your VeggiesEat Your WordsEavesEazyEba & Egg: A Hatch TripeBallE-BallEbbEbb and PullEbb (Jared Hahn)EBDAEben's Birthday Joy RideEben's Birthday Joyride 2EberougeEB Extra-BearrestrialEblionEbloblaE-BoardEBOLAEbola PopperEBOLA.VI.CORP