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I’ve never played an Assassin’s Creed game. Where should I start?

Comment from Runaway13077
I know it’s a shame to miss such a legendary series but the fact is I've never played any Assassin’s Creed title. Now Odyssey is announced, and I’m so excited about it! The game looks promising to me with all these choice opportunities. And I LOVE the Ancient Greece setting. But I’m not sure if it’s the right place to start. I heard so much skepticism about this title - like it’s not a “true” Assassin’s Creed, with magic again and unnecessary RPG elements... But Unity and Syndicate are quite old now, did they stand the test of time? And there is Black Flag too...

In other words, I look at all these games and don’t know what to do. Should I try an old school title at first or just buy Odyssey as soon as it’s out and don’t think about its canonicity? Help!
It's not a shame, I can assure you. I never played them too!
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I don't think it's really necessary to play other games cause the main purpose of these games is the atmosphere. In my (humble) opinion 2nd part (chilling in the Renaissance Italy), 3rd part (18th century NY) and Black Flag (I think you guessed that this one is bout pirates) are the most atmospheric. Origins is a really good game and atmospheric too and it has a lot of new mechanics there, comparing to older games. BUT if you wanna play Odyssey and REALLY enjoy it, skip this one and play it after Odyssey if you'd like. You can not read my (humble) opinion but this is the only clever thing I would say: choose a part based on the historical setting you'd like more because it will bring you more join!
The 'canonicity' has long been lost in these games. If you liked what you saw with Odyssey, then you can play AC Origins, as it is the only one with really similar gameplay. My personal Favorite is AC2, but it has nearly nothing common with the modern Ac titles, so it isn't something I would push unto you.
Serge Ulankin
I'd say ACII is the best starting point. If you like it, you can pretty easily finish the next two parts for Ezio's full story, skip ACIII and then go straight for ACIV: Black Flag. But I think that Odyssey is not much of an AC title already as well as Origins. Ubisft just ran out of good setting so they went back to the beginning of times and just continued with the franchise. I think that they could've make an entirely new series of games instead of Origins but they didn't. I understand it from the poin of business tho.

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It seems that the video is captured on the build that was presented at E3 this year. But still it shows lots of things that we've not seen before.

Now you can choose your character - Alexios or Cassandra. the game will tell about the conflict between Sparta and Athens. The game will be out on October 5, 2018.