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Finally, a longer gameplay video

Comment from Serge Ulankin
Now this looks good, I think. Now I see it has upgrading and also trading, enemies look good so far. 
Looking good, but feels very slow. They stretch game again for no reason.

Other comments3

I've seen so many videos of it now, that I have to concerns.

1. I kind of feel like I've already played it, because I've seen so much.

2. I am afraid that they are desperately trying to build up the hype by throwing in lots of content, which is often the case when the publisher knows that the game is bad.

The gameplay is here…

IGN published a short gameplay video of Darksiders III, which is going to come out on November 27. I have to admit this one is way better than the initial gameplay revealing video. Nothing to be very excited about but I guess I might play it some day next year. I am a fan of strange weapons and this sword-whip looks promising.