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No campaign and it sucks

Comment from Serge Ulankin
Seriously. I bought it on Steam a few days ago to replay it and remembered that there was no campaign, and this was probably why I didn't play it much in the first place!

I think this is the biggest flaw in the game, so much potential about making great historical or fictional campaigns. I would be glad to play for France in the age of Napoleon, or for Great Roman Empire throughout its long and various history. But there's no such option.

I understand that there are some scenarios, but they are really few and you have to buy most of them as DLCs. What is worse, scenarios are one-time plays, meaning that once you finish a scenario, you can't carry your progress with cities or technologies further onto other scenarios (which would make it a campaign).

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this is a good game, far better then that brawlhalla shit
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