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Call of Duty: WWII review
by Rafael Gazola Ghedini

8/10 - Great WW II game!
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Beaten more than once»

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Very well done cinematic-ally. Game was short and sweet. Loved that it wasn't a gungho hero route, more of like a team combat style.
The first game of CoD's rebound.  Decent story and oldschool(ish) multiplayer.
Worst purchase I think I’ve ever done. Bought it full price when it came out. I played like an hour of the campaign and thought it sucked. I played the online for maybe a week and also thought it sucked. The feel to this game was awful. It was WW2 but the guns were still fully set up killing machines. The gunplay was too fast for what it should have been. It looked stupid. I thought the maps design was weak. I didn’t like the upgrade system that much. I quickly gave up on this one. Not worth your time.

Final Score: B
gonna go down as one of the "oh yeah, that happened!" entries in the series

the multiplayer is fine, it was fresh to go back to boots on the ground action when it came out but it overstayed its welcome very quickly
at this point if all you're here for is multiplayer i don't think CoD is really worth it if you're on pc, there are just so many more alternatives
but CoD does have a specific flare to it that other games don't capture, which is why i personally go back to it
but this one's just okay and
as always
activision's ruined balancing with monetization (at least from what i hear, i've not played it in a while lmao)
the campaign is basic as fuck, and i don't fuck with zombies all that much so i can't give a good opinion on that
my main bag is multiplayer and that was just okay, there aren't enough maps and

just get World at War
The first hour of the game seemed incredibly boring, straightforward and basic, but as it entered into its 2nd and especially 3rd hour, it kept getting more and more interesting. The basic WW2 story and characters + the familiar COD gameplay can be a huge turn off in the beginning, but if you are patient, both the story and the characters, as well as the gameplay get much better. The main difference in the gameplay is, of course, the return of traditional health packs instead of regenerating health, and if there was one perfect COD for this return, it was surely this one. I found myself playing the game much more tactically and thinking more before going forward because of this. The added abilities of your teammates are also a very welcome addition, which further reinforces a more tactical approach. The game is also way more gruesome than the previous titles in that you can see someone's head getting blow off in front of you, which makes the game feel more real. Level designs are also mostly interesting, and overall the campaign is a really meaty good old FPS, that does feel different enough from other entries to garner a playthrough. The story, despite being fairly simple and the characters overly familiar, still is successfull in its own humble way, and does make you feel for the characters at certain moments (and there is a cool twist at the end that I didn;t see coming tbh.) Overall, nothing memorable, but it's not bad either.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Pros: Set of The Game Negativ:-Bad Balance of Weapon-Bad Connection to Servert-Connection Discuits in Game-Extreme Pre-or Night Parts Due to Hitmarker delays etc.) No special Maps and too few Maps [...] I could list a lot more Points, but just let you be told: Don't Buy it! I really gave the Game several Chances and genuinely wished I hadn't bought it or could give it back.
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Microsoft from French
Good after finishing the campaign in 5h of game, and having tested the zombie and the multiplayer I will given my opinion on this game. For me the countryside is superb, discretion, cars, squads the envierment ECT is awesome but the only bemole is that have the finish in 5h the campaign it is too short to my taste compared to the other COD... pity, I'm disappointed. So the multiplayer I do not necessarily adhere, cancer map, cancer pump, camping cancer... that's a COD. THE ZOMBIE IS PERFECT!! I recommend the game.
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Microsoft from French
I've tested all call of duty except advanced warfare, and it's for on the one with the worst feeling at the multiplayer level. Incredibly ugly for Sona GE, not fluid, problem of permanent serverus. I am a great Dan of the license but could not recommend this ♥. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ infame. I'll even avoid talking about what they dared to call "campaign", 7 inconsistent and repetitive episodes, useless characters and about as charismatic as a dirty sponge not to mention the bar of life. Without a doubt the last call of duty I buy, pity. The zombie is well screwed.