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Blasphemous review
by markbass69

I was told this was more Dark Souls than Castlevania, but I'm glad I took the chance because it really is more Castlevania than anything, down to the relatively limited number of upgrades similar to Symphony of the Night. Yeah, there's a dodge, flask-based healing, and enemies only respawn upon death or save, but the world design, combat, and upgrade system are way more Castlevania (not even Metroid - Castlevania) than anything else.

I wish one of the regular-person-sized bosses were another of the big bosses and the mechanic limiting you to only three upgrades at a time felt pointless, but man other than that I blew through this game and loved every second. Maybe I can just relate to it a bit more as I was raised Catholic, but I love that it took that classic Castlevania setting, gave it some Dark Souls cyclical desperation, but brought it all together with themes of Catholic guilt and penitence with some wild lore attached. What a great way to take that overplayed "dark Medieval fantasy" setting and make it something completely new, down to the design of trash mobs.

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Solid Metroidvania with Soulslike bits and cool world/lore.  I like it >:)
«Can’t stop playing»