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Cyberpunk 2077 review
by MrSpanky

Is it the gaming revolution we where promised? No.

Is it a good game? Yes. But also No.

The cyberpunk universe has lots of potential for interesting translations into gaming, but this title feels half cooked. The main story is drowned in a sea of openworld sidequests, icons and secondary fluff.

It is visually the most stunning example of what current graphics can do on PC, but it is also mixed with the most broken aritficial intelligence of enemies and npc.

The cinematics are good but still behind even those of the original Mass Effect. The most memorable moments dont come from the main story but from sidequests.

The core loop of the game is going from one main quest to the other, while doing some sidequest to grind the cash needed for the very expensive gear and all that while driving for the most part.

The issues start here: the driving is below average, even worse then GTAV and that's an achievement on his own.
The combat with a controller, even with snap-targeting is clunky, requiring a smart targeting pistol to become partially enjoyable or switching to close combat fights with shotguns and melee, the latter being overpowered.

The economy is unbalanced overall with excessive prices even for mid-tier level items, which causes the player to ignore shops and loot everything, triggering the next issue: unsatisfactory loot. The felling is of a homeless person picking up junk instead of well earned loot after a fight and all that mixed with a user interface that half the time refuses to pick upo an item if slightly outside the small interaction area.

Character progress is often boring with perks giving "10% more damage on torso shots". Player starts out with a small apartment, gets a few smaller and limited apartments later, but no garage to store cars or personalize them. Gear wise you have the choices between having high level stats gear or looking like a colorblind anti-fashion snob. No transmog option available.

The most annoying aspects are the user interface, especially the crafting section, which requires a complete overhaul. The rest of the UI is bad in terms of usability with popup windows full of small unreadable text. No option for changing the HUD color from the default distracting red. Health bar placed in the top left corner forces the palyer to constantly switch sights from the center of the screen, where the attention is required, to the borders and back, which will increase the sense of frustration.

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It is very good as you can enjoy the game in the future where you can live your fantasy :)
«Sit back and relax»
Good story writing
Having played release and now on 1.6 the difference is night and day. This Game really shines now the bugs have been ironed out and the story is a genuine joy to play. If you never played it at release I urge anyone who was interested to give it a go now as this is now the experience we all wished we had at release.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I have no idea why everyone rated this game "exceptional" but sure isn't. The story might be "good" but the gameplay is bad, repetitive and boring asf. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone but of course, this is just my opinion.
«Buggy as hell»
ost and presentation elevate this to way higher than it deserves
«OST on repeat»
Good one.
«That ending!»
I started playing a long time after release and I didn't experience many issues. I saw a car flip into the air for no reason, that was fun. I had to clear out all enemies from an area and one of them was in the group, that was not so fun. Ultimately, I enjoyed running around Night City and meeting some interesting characters. I didn't much like the FPS style combat and didn't feel like my character upgrades were doing much of anything.

Date Completed: 2022-08-21
Playtime: 30h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: It's no Witcher but, at this point, I think it's worth a run through.
I was really not expecting to like this game as much as I did. From the first major mission setting up the main storyline I was on board and everything after was just a great ride. There were a lot of great side missions with a good handful of some fun detective work in a few. There are great companion characters that you will grow to love. Judy is one of my favorite game characters now with her awesome story arc and great VO performance. Speaking of VO, female V was incredible. That actor gave an incredible performance and nailed all the emotion she needed to convey in her scenes. Gameplay is fun but nothing special. It's very fun to just dice people up with mantis blades. I know this game had a hell of a rocky start but after the patch I encountered almost no bugs or crashes and just enjoyed the story and the world as I think they intended. I really hope others had as good of a time as I did with it.