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It Takes Two review
by Rejedai

After completing the game, I caught myself thinking that the more you play it, the more you don't like it. The first impressions were extremely encouraging, a nice picture, cool animations, an unusual plot, but this terrible book and the tomfoolery of seemingly adults spoiled the impression of the game.

Onn the one hand, the variety of abilities and mechanics greatly diversifies the game, on the other hand, because of this, the visibility of progression is completely lost. I can throw nails, but no, they are gone. Look, I can freeze enemies, but no, it's for 20 minutes.

Due to the cutscenes, when parents constantly grimace after an hour of play, there was a desire to skip all the chatter in order to quickly return to the gameplay. And just the gameplay is what made me finish the game, although we were often bored and wanted to interrupt the game session, it still turned out to be fun. But for us personally, the game seemed too childish, there is no challenge, for example Trine (1, 2, 4) and Tiny Brains, in this regard it is much better. Local puzzles cause only laughter, because the developers have kindly set everything so that the poor player does not have to turn on their brains.

The soundtrack is beyond praise, it is beautiful.

II rate this game 7/10.