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Biomutant review
by Admiral_Ant

The game is everything it was meant to be - insanely beautiful and vibrant, sometimes relaxing and sometimes tense, with amazing scenery, nice old-school DMC-style combat based on a mix of hack'n'slash and shooting as well as using a plethora of special abilities, a standard moral points system with affiliations, choices that affect the story etc. The soundtrack is nice and relaxing even if a bit repetitive, the combat feels smooth, there is some heft behind player animations - just enough so that it doesn't feel like an early 2000s game, but more like a modern game that is deliberately made to feel like an old game with modern graphics and a fresh idea behind it. The setting is funky, cool and unique, the neologisms used to describe items and the world around are really fun, the plot is simple, a bit bland, even, but that isn't much of a problem for me. The missions are kind of repetitive and the constant moral rambling of the narrator get on your nerves quite a lot, but those are the only two cons I've found in this game.
«Can’t stop playing»

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I was so excited for this. I am so disappointed to be giving it a meh. Game beautiful, but gameplay felt like a slog.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
There is so much about this game that I like and that I thought would be handled better but it falls short on just about all fronts. The opening minutes show you how shallow the story and the gameplay is. I also thought the sound was just bugged as there was barely any feedback on attacks. Turns out that the devs, in their infinite wisdom, decided to set those sounds to the controller speaker by default. Fucking facepalm. Once I turned that to what it should've been everything was good. I feel like the devs wanted a Fable-like charm to this game with it's narrator but it turned out to be more annoying and out of place. I did enjoy the world they set up and a lot of creatures but the gameplay is just a slog of the same combos and dodging. I ended up just mainlining to get the best sword and I had apparently already picked up the best gun. There was a lot I didn't expect going into this game. I didn't expect a giant mech suit, I didn't expect a flying mount or being able to ride a whale as a water mount. There was obvious creativity and heart put into a lot of aspects of this game but the main one, the kung-fu type combat, falls so short it ruins the experience for me. There are also a handful or terrain collision issues I ran into as well as texture mapping. I also ran into a bug that hasn't happened to me since probably the launch of the PS3. While trying to cutdown on travel time with the glider, I fell into water on the edge of a cliff that I somehow clipped through. I could get back out but because you can't swim and because you can't summon your water mount in clean water, for whatever fucking reason, I ended up dying before getting to shore. When I respawn I'm falling in the water. I tried a handful of times to get out to no avail. Thankfully there was another autosave just before that. I know this was a smaller team and I'm sure covid caused more than a few issue for them as well. Hopefully in their next project they can take feedback and experience to benefit their next title.
«Game over at last!»
I was so excited for this. I am so disappointed to be giving it a meh.
Really enjoyed the game overall. 
I understand why so many people dislike it, but for a 25 members team, the game is a masterpiece. 
The game has many mechanics, customizations, places and so on. They're all great, but none is really good. Biomutant is a bunch of great things merged together, resulting on a good game.
I hope to see more games coming from experiment 101, they've potential.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Unsatisfying combat with weightless melee hits and the feeling of hitting with a paper weapon.

Healing by holding the directional pad and choosing an item on radial menu is bad user interface design and requires movement stopping and will cause even more unnecessary frustration.

Absence of enemy camera locking will cause constant headaches and combined with enemies short, or nerarly inexistent, call-animations and block prompts, will waste the energy bar which is required for blocking.

Visuals alone cant carry an openworld game based on a barebones story and dialogues.
«Disappointment of the year»