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Resident Evil: Village review
by Devon

This is a fantastic entry in the franchise, I've really enjoyed the shift towards the first-person perspective and how the series has used it to bring back some scares. The flow of the world at times felt clunky, I enjoyed the amount of missable areas, but the exploration felt too easy compared to the earlier games (that this seemingly takes more influence from), while also being a little bit too open and indirect compared to RE7 (which is a very effective linear experience). 
But most importantly, this game strikes a perfect balance between some legitimately fucked up and interesting horror with the larger action set pieces of the 4-6 entries. House Beneviento stands out as one of the highlights for me, not just in this game, but in the franchise as a whole. This game, even more than RE7, returns to one of the prime factors that stood out as the main source of horror in the original trilogy, which is grotesque body horror, and RE8 has plenty of that. 

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Played it in VR on psvr2. Such an awesome game. Great graphics and gameplay. Interesting story.
Taking huge inspiration from Resident Evil 4, Village manages to actually be a great follow up to RE Biohazard. This game is strong in nearly every way. It manages to have a great story following Ethan Winters rescuing his daughter from Mother Miranda and the 4 lords. 

Every section of the game is able stand on its own with a unique atmosphere that separate it from the others. Lady D's castle managed to be a highlight so early in the game. The Beneviento house managed to bring some of the best horror we've seen in a good while. Moreau was probably the weakest of the 4. Heisenberg's factory was probably the closest we got to that unsettling feeling present from Dead Space where something can be at the end of the metal corridor or right behind you. 
«Can’t stop playing»
Played it in standard difficulty and had a blast. Story is entertaining, game does not over stay it's welcome. Plenty creepy areas, and the fact that the games doesn't always go for shooting in some places was a nice touch to add to the horror element. 9/10.
What a ride! Started slow but as soon as you enter the castle, and solve the puzzles there, it just sucks you in. 
As for scares, it's only inside the castle, after that it's not as scary, which is a plus for me.
I finished it in around 6 and a half hours. Pretty good!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Blew my mind»
I went in completely blind, didn't even know it was a continuation of 7. I was pleasantly surprised. Great story, interesting environments, and gut-churning hand-based horror.

Date Completed: 2021-07-26
Playtime: 10h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: Top class horror
Just a cohesive linear AAA-game, of which there are not enough in our time.
Concise Review:
Amazing graphics (excellent lighting when played in a dark room) and a very cool setting/environment. Entertaining story and characters. The atmosphere and sound design are very effective at building tension. Not as scary or disturbing as biohazard but still plenty of effective spooky elements. I jumped and yelled on more than one occasion.

Movement feels slow and gunplay feels loose but for the survival horror genre it’s alright as it forces you to make shots count. Still I wish the gunplay felt a bit tighter.

Journal Style Review:

First impressions. Graphics look really good. The sound design is adding to the intensity. I loved Mia getting shot out of nowhere. The opening didn’t mess around which I appreciated. I’m liking the new setting. The initial werewolves and werewolf chief attack was great and the spooky witch cackling afterwards was great.  This game isn’t as scary or spooky as the last but the jump scares have still got me early on. It is intense.

Just got into the castle. I’m really liking this game. It’s a great horror action adventure set in this awesome setting. I turned on ray tracing and it looks very nice. Great start.

The cutscenes have pretty much all been great. I loved when Ethan got his hand cut off and then he just sticks it back on. The big fat merchant is also great. Solid characters.

I loved escaping the Nic cage sounding guy’s trap sequence. Very fun. And the graphics just look soo good.

I loved the castle section. Not sure how I feel about the big lady turning into that weird tentacle monster after that knife stab. I was liking the other style more but we will see where this goes. I’ve really enjoyed the first 3.5ish hours of this game.

I loved the hag again. She’s great. I’m happy the game went back to the “village” vibe, for the time being. It got me really good on the look out the window jump scare. There have been good creepy jump scares throughout.

The graphics look amazing, specifically the environment with ray tracing on. Really enjoying this game. It’s fun. It’s tense. I’m digging the story. I like it a lot.

Dollhouse and goo baby section was very creepy. I yelled a lot. I loved it. The atmosphere and change of pace was great.

The fish guy wasn’t bad either. Not as good as the previous boss sections but still decent.

I love Heisenberg. He is a great character. Big fan of the voice actor channeling Nic Cage. His level was cool too. I like the robot corpses. Not quite as scary as the some of the other sections, although, this is probably also due to it being later in the game and me being less scared of death.

Final Heisenberg section and then the Chris redfield section was great.  Nice change up. Wish the combat felt smoother during that section though. I don’t know how to change the sensitivity to feel better. Loved the section though.

Conclusion to the story wasn’t anything special, but I expected a really dumb ending so it was actually better than I had hoped for. Great game. I’ll be playing the next resident evil game. Sign me up for one more and make it something entirely new once again.

Final Score: A-