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Dead Space 3 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:

The atmosphere and tone is noticeably worse than the previous 2. Story beats around the planet were fun. The story are the characters were really bad. The gameplay was decent. The upgrades and gun customization was great and the highlight.

Journal Style Review:

I liked Isaac with a helmet on. I don’t like this new guy who shows his face. Early on I don’t like the new story direction in this one. I can see why people don’t hold it as highly as the first 2. 

Customizing and upgrading guns looks like it might be a nice new addition. 

I’m enjoying the upgrades and the customization. Im not drawn in to the atmosphere or story nearly as much as the first 2. The difficulty has also been appropriate so far. It’s been a challenge but not frustrating. I have to make good decisions and I like figuring out which guns combo works best.

I’ve liked the ice planet more. It’s a good change up. It’s suits this game more and the added environmental change is appreciated.

Played a coop session and it was easily the most fun I’ve had. The coop dynamic works well. Plus Im really enjoying testing out the new combinations of guns, attachments, and upgrades. I like the system they have made.

Another coop session and I’m having a lot more fun with DS3 than I expected. It’s been great. It works very well for a coop experience because the areas it’s lacking, atmosphere and scares, are lessened by coop anyways. But the gunplay and customization is great and having a partner adds another element.

Beat it. Liked it. Enjoyed the alien planet. The gun customization is the highlight of the game.

Current Score: B+

Other reviews6

It was fun most of the time. But towards the ending it got a little monotonous. Good story. Great graphics, especially at 165hz. Movement could be better. It felt heavy and not smooth.
«Better with friends»
(+Weapons) (+Co-op Gameplay) (+Suits) (+"Meh" Main Story Level Design) (+Dismemberment)
(-Bad Side Missions) (-Doors) (-Unnecessary Animations) (-Too easy to predict what's gonna happen.) (-Passive Villain)
«I could make it better»
They really forgot to put everything that made Dead Space good in this. I beat it in one sitting and only managed to power through to the end because of the two bottles of wine I drank while I played it. No horror, no interesting weapons, weird janky cover shooter elements added because they thought people enjoyed that weird segment at the end of 2. The game was designed to be played in co-op and gets messy if you play it solo.
The series changes from action to horror in this entry that throws fast enemies at you in cramped areas, but the slow clunky controls from Dead Space 2 remains. A great example of incompatible design choices