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Dead Space 3 review
by Drakensson

The series changes from action to horror in this entry that throws fast enemies at you in cramped areas, but the slow clunky controls from Dead Space 2 remains. A great example of incompatible design choices

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(+Weapons) (+Co-op Gameplay) (+Suits) (+"Meh" Main Story Level Design) (+Dismemberment)
(-Bad Side Missions) (-Doors) (-Unnecessary Animations) (-Too easy to predict what's gonna happen.) (-Passive Villain)
«I could make it better»
They really forgot to put everything that made Dead Space good in this. I beat it in one sitting and only managed to power through to the end because of the two bottles of wine I drank while I played it. No horror, no interesting weapons, weird janky cover shooter elements added because they thought people enjoyed that weird segment at the end of 2. The game was designed to be played in co-op and gets messy if you play it solo.