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Cyberpunk 2077 review
by BrightSoul

Un desastre, no por bugs sino por estar comletamente carente de alma. No merece la penani que esperes a que se arregle, lo que está roto es el diseño.
- No es un RPG es una aventura con decisiones que no importan NADA.
- Night City no es una ciudad viva, es una pintura grotesca que solo es fachada y se desmorona con solo mirarla.
- Las misiones secundarias y tareas están huecos, vacíos.
- El combate, si se puede llamar así, es de shooter de hace 10 años y el equipamiento del personaje queda reducido a números de protección con pasivas. Nada de lo que te equipes es memorable o tiene interés (y lo que lo tiene te lo arrancan de las manos si tomas la decisión errónea en una conversación completamente aleatoria).

«Waste of time»

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the main and side quests are definitely worth playing. there is some smaller copy+paste content that isn't worth it
It is very good as you can enjoy the game in the future where you can live your fantasy :) teehee
«Sit back and relax»
Good story writing
Having played release and now on 1.6 the difference is night and day. This Game really shines now the bugs have been ironed out and the story is a genuine joy to play. If you never played it at release I urge anyone who was interested to give it a go now as this is now the experience we all wished we had at release.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I have no idea why everyone rated this game "exceptional" but sure isn't. The story might be "good" but the gameplay is bad, repetitive and boring asf. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone but of course, this is just my opinion.
«Buggy as hell»
ost and presentation elevate this to way higher than it deserves
«OST on repeat»
Good one.
«That ending!»
I started playing a long time after release and I didn't experience many issues. I saw a car flip into the air for no reason, that was fun. I had to clear out all enemies from an area and one of them was in the group, that was not so fun. Ultimately, I enjoyed running around Night City and meeting some interesting characters. I didn't much like the FPS style combat and didn't feel like my character upgrades were doing much of anything.

Date Completed: 2022-08-21
Playtime: 30h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: It's no Witcher but, at this point, I think it's worth a run through.