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Grand Theft Auto III review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: Base Game.

As much as I appreciate this game for what shift in the series it created, GTAIII is, unfortunately, an outdated game. Filled with missions that involve driving 85% of the time, shooting only like 3-4 times, ridiculous precision for how you need to complete them, and also a plot that goes nowhere until the very end. But this is the first time and the series has improved a lot following Vice City and San Andreas, so for its time, I would say it was a good game. Delivered something unique and was a big part of the evolution of open-world games. I'd recommend this only to see what was the start of the change from top-down to third person, but if you will get too frustrated to continue, just go play Vice City, it will be more worth your time.

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Will always have a special place in my heart. I HAD to have it, despite (or perhaps because of) my parents' disapproval. This and Hitman 2 will always be "that game" for me.
GTA III is the first entry of the series to be set in a 3D open world environment. This game is a true classic 20 years later. Liberty City, loosely based on New York is a very interesting place and fun to explore but without much to do apart from killing all pedestrians. The main story is very funny, the game is plagued with great jokes. The driving is quite easy, the only problem is that the cars are prone to explode in the moment you receive a couple of gunshots or when the car flips, which is quite annoying. Nevertheless, GTA III is a great experience but hard most of the time because it lacks of a crouch button to avoid being annihilated by the enemies. 
Kinda dated, but its very fun for GTAesque games.
Gameplay 9/10. Graphics 10/10. Soundtrack 8/10. Storyline 9/10. OVERALL 9.0/10.0 (A 9.0)
«Can’t stop playing»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
A fantastic Game when, like me, you are too poor to buy GTA V. However, as far as I cook the most, but that only APPLIES to GTA 3 on Steam, are the Vehicle Textures. In the Steam Version, they're all and that's heavily blacked out without Exception, why? No Idea, it's just like that. Luckily, I am clonter77 from Planet77 and can use Google through my Intellect to download, install and eventually use a Patch that fixes this Texture bug on the Vehicles. If you want to play with normal Textures, like me, google for this Bug with the Tags "Gta 3 steam cars texture bug" and something like that can still be trusted by today's people that they can, this so-called Googling. Otherwise, I can hardly add anything Meaningful here. The Game is fantastic, the Port is flawless apart from the aforementioned bug and otherwise does not cause any Problems, both in terms of Graphics, Sound and Options. All there as it should be. If you are a Fan of the GTA Series you have to get this Part, AFTER all, GTA 3 is the first Part in 3D and by then the Graphics are also relatively good, you have to bear in mind that it was one of the first Games for the Playstation 2. In addition, it should be noted that the History of GTA 3 goes on for many more parts, because from GTA IV a completely new Story begins and only starts with Secrets as a Nod to the GTA 3 Series, as it looks with GTA V, I do not know. I really can only recommend it.
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When I was a wee little poorly soggy moggy and he was itsa itsa I spent all the CA$H I got for my birthday on a ps2 system and a copy of GTA III. I played it _very_ intensely until the ending credits appeared. Now Im at it again, I shall fly that mutilated Dodo one more time. - blodbad88
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Good memories of replaying GTA III, great idea to have it on IOS, I play on iPad and it is quick to touch controls. I just have a quick question, when I do fire missions on 1st, Portland, when I complete the 20 missions to unlock the flamethrower nothing happens and I do not have it .. If anyone one has an answer, I'm interested, thank you.
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I am a pure fan of the Gta saga, and of all the R * titles Needless to say, I had (I still have) gta 3 for Ps2 and Pc. It all started under the name DMCA in 97, for the uninitiated .. 3 cities LC, VC and SA Never forget my first time in GTA with the PsOfficial Demo, with this I will have bought gta3 I don't know how many of those times, but if they were to remaster the old three, I would buy it with my eyes closed
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I don't usually write reviews, but, for a masterpiece like this, I make an exception. The same game (as far as missions and contents are concerned) compared to the larger versions (PS2 and PC), already thinking of having such a game in the absurd pocket, in addition, the masters of R * gave us the beautiful HD graphics , there is also the possibility of listening to music from your iPod library ... Thanks R *, look VCS and IV