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Dragon Age: Inquisition review
by xXWoodinatorXx

I’ve been interested in playing this game for years but always put it off. Now I’m finally starting it and realizing it’s 9 years old at this point! In my mind it was more modern than that. And you can definitely feel the age but I think with this style of game, and for the mood I’m in, it might work. I’ve liked the start. There’s lots of systems to figure out.

Maybe 5 or so hours in and it’s decent but I’m starting to think I might get burnt out quicker than I thought. I’m really not getting enough gear or ability points fast enough. The game is huge. I can tell it has that Ubisoft open world vibe where there are so many quests and POIs but they are all just run over here and kill enemies, or kill enemies then pick up an item. Which can be fine but there needs to be a good sense of constant progression or character upgrades which I’m not yet feeling. 

Part of me thinks this game got really good reviews because it was at the start of the “games can be massive era.” 

I predict I don’t beat this game. It’s not awful but I’m starting to get bored and I’m not very far in yet. It feels too slow in many ways. The character literally moves slowly and attacks slowly. But then also the levelling up is slow, the gear progression is slow and the story hasn’t drawn me in (probably never will). The only real praise so far is it is satisfying the itch for an open world fantasy game where I can wander around. But that’s going to disappear soon so if the pace doesn’t pick up soon I think I’m calling it.

I’ve realized part of the reason it feels slow is I havnt focused on my party. I need to be playing as them and focusing on upgrading them more.

Nah I’m done. I put it on ice for awhile and I don’t really want to come back to it. I think if I did devote more time to it there’s a chance it would click and best case scenario it’d end up a B+. It seems like a game that demands a lot of energy to get the most out of it. It’s not worth the investment.

Final Score: B

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