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Dragon Age: Inquisition review
by Petrucci

Nice game, but a forgettable one.

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Can’t say enough good things about this game. From character work that you’d expect from BioWare to a rewarding combat system once you get half way through the game. Had a blast playing it and continuing the Dragon Age story.

It’s not quite Dragon Age Origins but I enjoyed it a lot more that Dragon Age 2. My main criticisms are the combat not fully clicking till mid game and the glitches/bugs that occur. The is way more room to grow on Frostbite which includes how the characters walk. Overall though I put in 100 hours including then Trespasser DLC and I miss my companions. 
i prefer dao/da2 but lays down really interesting groundwork for future games and i can't wait for my quizzy to kill her love and life solas with own two hands