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Monster Hunter: World review
by vieira

Quests are too repetitive

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Monster Hunter is not just a game; it's a boundless adventure that beckons you into its vibrant world filled with awe-inspiring creatures and endless possibilities. From the moment you step foot into its richly detailed landscapes, you're greeted with a sense of wonder and excitement. Every hunt is a testament to the game's meticulously crafted mechanics, challenging you to strategize, adapt, and ultimately triumph against formidable foes. But beyond its gameplay prowess, Monster Hunter fosters a sense of camaraderie unlike any other. Whether you're embarking on hunts solo or teaming up with fellow hunters, the shared experiences forged in the heat of battle create bonds that endure far beyond the screen. With each victory, there's a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing that your skill and determination have conquered the seemingly insurmountable. Monster Hunter isn't just a game; it's a journey of discovery, friendship, and gratitude for the countless memories it has provided.
The perfect entry point to a series that wasn't that easy to get into.
Very repetitive. The "monsters" don't deserve any of this.
A great entry into the franchise. Story missions tend to drag a bit here and there but this is what got me and many other into a franchise that deserved the recognition
«Blew my mind»
This game is a huge time-sink with very little payoff. I chose to gave up early because of the unrewarding combat and missions. And good lord how did the make hunting monsters such a slow grind and pain? If I put in more hours, I'm sure I would've liked it more, but it really just wasn't my cup of tea and I wouldn't recommend it.
Gigantic fight with amazing mechanics
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I used to spend several thousand Hours with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and when I didn't have a PSP Anymore I continued to play it through an Emulator on my Smartphone so I can already claim that I'm a Veteran. (Could include Spoilers) The PC release probably has brought in many new Players who had never played any of the Monster Hunter Games before. These Players probably do not know that in previous Monster Hunter Games you still had to craft Pickaxes yourself and then cancel them, could only take the same with Beetle nets, only a maximum of 20 Wetstones, which you needed Color bombs to mark Opponents Or if you wanted to pick up Herbs or Mushrooms, the Player first squatted and searched the Ground for the Raw Materials, meanwhile, the first Monsters are already nibbling at you. The Developers have made Monster Hunter World much more fluid. In Monster Hunter World you can collect Raw Materials such as Herbs, Mushrooms, Honey, Beetles, Spider Nets etc. as you pass by and if you have herbs and Honey in the Inventory, for example, these become potions automatically if you don't already have 10/10 Potions. Pickup, Nets, Fishing and Wetstones are always included and do not have to make them yourself as they are not consumed or break. What annoyed me about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was the percentage Of the way it was to produce the percentage if you wanted to make a maxi potion, for example, you had a 70% chance that it works out, but if it didn't work out, you wasted a lot of Raw Materials and got into serious Situations, for example, during a Fight, this really stimulates you. Thankfully, this is no longer the case with Monster Hunter World. The Combat System has also improved very much it is much faster, there are Traps on the Map that you can trigger, you can jump on Monsters and bring them down, more Combinations with Weapons and also new Weapons that have come to it, you have Also a small Crossbow on the Arm to shoot any Projectiles or Capsules and thus that you can give your Paliko (your Cat), for example, a Weapon with Paralysis damage, you have good Chances again to do some real Damage. To the Graphics I don't have much to say the Game looks very good. For the Performance I don't say much with me the Game runs very smoothly. (i7-4790k and gtx 1070 Palit 8GB) I've hardly had any Lags until now only drops my FPS when 4 Players spin on a Monster and one of them is Double-blade fighter and who then makes his 50-song batting Combo in 3 Seconds. I have to admit playing this Game with a Keyboard I absolutely can't. From Monster Hunter Freedom Unite I am used to the PSP and so I also play the Game on the PC with a Controller and it goes very well because the controls are almost the Same as on the PSP. I can only highly recommend the Game because I have already searched for it "something" and with my almost 100 hours is still not finished and still a lot of Content is waiting for me through the most closed Investigations, optional Quests and Event Quests. Good Hunting and lots of Fun Zor from the TDS group wishes you
MHW feels like an improvement and a downgrade for several reasons, it has improved in a lot of annoying things that keeps things sped up, but also, feels like they did the opposite in order to get things friendly for newcomers. The game play is better than ever, things go fast and the action is non stop, the world and the monsters look amazing, my issue is that the classic monsters behave and attack identically as in previous games and doesn't feel that they have a better AI and that feels like a let down, as for the world, when this game was unveiled, they promise a very unique and organic environment in which the player or the monster will have the advantage depending on its usage, but I think this mechanic feels underdeveloped or artificial. That aside, I enjoyed my time (which was a lot) in MHW and will come back when there are a lot of updates, as for veterans it will be amazing to see monsters like never before and for newcomers is the most friendly introduction to the series yet.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
I easily dumped 130+ hours into this game. Enough said.
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»