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Mortal Kombat 11 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

I’m not a fighting game guy but I like playing the story modes to test it out and see some of the cool moves. I don’t have a clue what’s going on I’m the story but it’s kind of fun. It seem  like a ridiculous story but as a fight intro creator it’s serving it’s purpose.

Gameplay feels slow to me but I think that’s just a me thing. I always feel the movement is slow. Some of the fatalities or brutalities (not sure the difference) are really awesome. That scorpion one is my current fave but the spinning blade hat guy also has a good one.

I didn’t really care about the story but it was fun in a dumb way when I did watch the cutscenes. I won’t lie the final fire god lui Kang segment actually worked for me. Just some good old classic good guy becomes a god trope because he needs to win a fight. Pretty epic. 

Beat the campaign and I’m not doing the other stuff.

Final Score: B

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The entire story just feels like a vessel for gathering a roster of characters together and finding some way to make them fight each other and look cool while doing it. Several characters don't need to be here; you can easily rewrite this story without Skarlet, the Kollector, Erron Black, Kabal, and some other characters as well. It ends up feeling overstuffed. That being said, there are some well choreographed fights and some awesome set-pieces.

 There are several moments where a character walks out of shadows dramatically and reveal themselves, but for every one of these moments, it's already obvious who it is from their voice and silhouette, so it just ends up being annoyingly drawn-out.

There is a moment where Erron Black attacks Sonya and Johnny at the fight club and he knocks Johnny to the ground and aims his pistol at him before Sonya punches him away from being able to shoot. But they make Erron Black pointing the gun this really dramatic thing, and it just comes off as goofy because Sonya was standing right next to him and could have punched him at any moment. The game does this a lot where it will disregard logic for the sake of dramatic effect.

Sonya punches younger Kano in the stomach and then old Kano keels over... I can understand how serious injuries that leave scars or irreversible damage could harm the older versions of characters, but how does a simple punch affect them?

They still do a sloppy job of making excuses for only one character fighting another during the campaign. I hope that MK1 will no longer have this issue due to the kameo system.

Kronika is a horrible villain. She barely has a personality at all and her plan is nonsensical. She brings numerous people from the past so that she can have some minions, but why does she bring heroes from the past as well? Why erase Dark Raiden and replace him with a more stable Raiden that doesn't even have a distaste for Liu Kang?

The ending I got with Liu Kang and Kitana becoming lovers was sloppy. They spend the entire game making jokes about how they are out of each other's leagues and so they clearly aren't together already, and there is also not any chemistry built up between them before the end of the game. I didn't get any sense that Kitana liked Liu Kang. So just because he wants her she suddenly loves him?

There are several plotlines in this story that amount to nothing. Cassie was one of the more interesting characters and she doesn't get a cathartic ending to her story by the time the universe is reset. All those struggles with losing her mother don't feel like they matter because everything is just undone. Cassie won't be able to learn from these experiences because she no longer exists. Even if she returns in a later game it will be a different version of her.

Ronda Rousey (a popular UFC/WWE star) does a laughably horrid job at voicing Sonya Blade. Casting her was a shameless money grab.

The sound design and dialogue was often out of sync.

My favorite part is when the credits roll and a trap remix of the MK11 theme plays.......
«Game over at last!»
Awesome story that is going so deep into Mortal Kombat lore that you need to have wikipedia ready on the side. 

The graphics and fighting are excellent.
MK continues to lead the fighting game genre as an example of a complete experience. A full length story mode, excellent training tools, and stellar online (plz japan use rollback I'm begging you) make MK11 a must play for fans of fighters.
Why on earth did they decide to implement a CPU vs. CPU mode and make it strictly online?
Expected more, received less.
Injustice is taking names ever since Midway went downhill.
It's good to see the series still alive and that Netherealm Studios managed to make 2 games after MK9 but this is getting way different. I'm fine with new characters but the lack of classic characters, even with DLC / KP is weird. No Mileena, Reptile, Rain, Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax, Ermac etc. On the other hand, we got Joker, Spawn, Robocop, Terminator... I miss the times when MK9 was just pure arcade fun.
«Oh God i managed it»
The gameplay is smooth and pleasant. But sometimes I can't resist the feeling that the more MK series evolve, the more it starts to look like some marvel heroes fighting. Feels like losing some old-school dark vibe or something.
I'm getting my butt kicked but I'm having fun playing online :>>>>
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Best fighting game ever. Amazing gameplay with a good roster its better than MKX and even the guest characters are good(SPAWN) The story is meh, i don't like the story and some characters are just punching bags(Noob Saibot) but GAMEPLAY is amazing I think it's the best Mortal Kombat game ever. If you are fan of Mortal Kombat you should definitely get this game.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Mortal Kombat 11 on the Switch is a tight fighting game with a story mode that is an absolute blast that is sadly surrounded by boring grinding and an awkward krypt. The Switch editions is rough (to put it nicely) in game graphics that thankfully don’t hold the tight controls back any but can be laughable bad. Who wants a fighting game with all the grinding and currencies.
«Disappointment of the year»