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Half-Life 2 review
by Sir Lagsalot

In the age of flashy shooters like Borderlands 2, Doom 3 and Wolfenstein, Half-Life's innovative approach to level design and gameplay mechanics is not as fresh as it was back in 2004. The market has much to offer both in conventional and horror shooter subgenres. But then again, it's been 14 year and the impression HL2 left on game creators can be easily seen in modern shooters. 

It's lore is huge and expands far beyond the game itself. Remember all the speculations surrounding the endings of each episode? I know you do!
Also, who the hell is G-man? How come Gordon is the right man in the wrong place? What does the fate have in store for the characters?
Please Valve. We need to know. 

The legendary game is beautifully built, and has stood the test of time (and I am not talking about game mechanics or graphics). Gordon Freeman is still above Gordon Ramsey in Google top searched after all! The Source engine is used even today, many of the mod creators who built the communities around the game are now fullfledge gamedevs. What else could you ask of a game, that would someday be a history book material along with it's prequel and it's creators?

Once upon a time this game blew my mind. If by some miracle we ever see Half-Life 3 it will, unfortunately, fall short of all the hype surrounding it.
«Blew my mind»
«That Ending!»