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Half-Life 2 review
by Sir Lagsalot

In the age of flashy shooters like Borderlands 2, Doom 3 and Wolfenstein, Half-Life's innovative approach to level design and gameplay mechanics is not as fresh as it was back in 2004. The market has much to offer both in conventional and horror shooter subgenres. But then again, it's been 14 year and the impression HL2 left on game creators can be easily seen in modern shooters. 

It's lore is huge and expands far beyond the game itself. Remember all the speculations surrounding the endings of each episode? I know you do!
Also, who the hell is G-man? How come Gordon is the right man in the wrong place? What does the fate have in store for the characters?
Please Valve. We need to know. 

The legendary game is beautifully built, and has stood the test of time (and I am not talking about game mechanics or graphics). Gordon Freeman is still above Gordon Ramsey in Google top searched after all! The Source engine is used even today, many of the mod creators who built the communities around the game are now fullfledge gamedevs. What else could you ask of a game, that would someday be a history book material along with it's prequel and it's creators?

Once upon a time this game blew my mind. If by some miracle we ever see Half-Life 3 it will, unfortunately, fall short of all the hype surrounding it.
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»

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Played it for the first time in 2021. Can't believe a 15 year old 1st person shooter still holds up. You can expect old strategy based games or arcade games being addictive in today's times. But a first person shooter to do that is unreal. My favorite part about the game is how satisfying using the weapons feel like. Gravity Gun Ultra Pro Max!!!!
I have clear memories of watching the E3 tech demos of this game over and over before it was released. Finally playing this game a few months later was heaven at the time. In retrospect, the game was revolutionary, but is held back by many of the same problems present in Half Life 1.
«Blew my mind»
Got me into the FPS Genre and there is no other game I'd rather go back to.
«Blew my mind»
Solid and well-produced, especially in terms of sound and lighting, but I end up agreeing a lot with the old Errant Signal video about this one: a bit too drawn out, weight-based physics puzzles wear out their welcome, and a story that simultaneously happens around Freeman while also flattering him around every corner. It's wild how well these games hold up graphically and stylistically, though.
Very atmospheric game. Great!
«Beaten more than once»
Gameplay 10/10. Graphics 10/10. Soundtrack 8/10. Storyline 10/10. OVERALL 9.5/10.0 (A 9.0)
«That ending!»
Just replayed. Just as good as I remember.
(I did the "Update" version)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Gordon Freeman? Gordon Freeman! How dangerous can a single Man with a Crowbar already be? Gameplay "Half-Life 2" is arguably one of the most famous Shooters of the old School. Just like its Predecessor, it came with a revolutionary Engine that takes full advantage of the Game with clever Physics games and Physics Puzzles. In addition, in the second Part you can also Enjoy Steering vehicles and using environmental objects as a Weapon with the "Gravitron" cannon. Also in the third Run of this Classic I noticed how damn well the Levels were designed. These not only feel right in length and offer many little Secrets and Hiding Places, but always provide new Ways to really hurt the Enemies. However, the Levels are always designed in such a way that you can adapt to new Gameplay Mechanics and this provides a lot of Variety for a linear Shooter Like Half-Life. OK, you might be surprised why there are now 500 Saw blades lying around in this Cemetery but hey: Otherwise it's not fun! Story "Continue alone!" – Barney Calhoun, Half-Life in 60 Seconds The Story is explained quite little, here is some not so important Information: After Gordon killed the Nihilanth (The Giant Baby) in the first Part, the Way was open for a new Enemy to reach the back up That was held off by the Xen dimension: The "Combine." As a Result, this invaded our Dimension, enslaved people and locked them together in Cities. Many former People from Black Mesa and others built on it a Resistance that Guides Gordon and helps him. Among Them, by the way, the "Vortigaunts," the green Aliens from the first Part. Gordon himself was sent on the Journey by the mysterious G-Man after allegedly signing a Contract with Gordon at the End of the first Part. Actually, the Story in Half-Life is rather secondary, as you're just passing through Almost the entire Game. Still, it raises enough Questions to warrant a third Installment in the Franchise. Probably the more interesting Story is more about what triggered this Game. The source engine not only Allowed us games like "Counter Strike: Global Offensive," "Team Fortress," "Left for Dead" and "Garry's Mod," but revolutionized Games, straight Shooters, Generally with new Ideas and Possibilities that you can also use in other Games Can find. In addition, "Half-Life 2" was the first Game to Play Only via Steam and developer Valve built on it, so that you can only enjoy being able to read this Review through the Game. The Bottom Line is that this Game is not only the Cornerstone for Steam, but also one of the biggest Milestones in Video Game history. Every Gamer knows the Term "Half Life 3 confirmed," as many want a third Part, but it must be against fanatically high Demands. Graphic/Sound It may be out of date, but that doesn't detract from the Game. Compared to its Predecessor, you could still say that a little more Variety comes into play through the different Levels. Soundtechnically, a lot has also been taken over from the first Part and there is nothing Special about it. Verdict "Half-Life 2," like its Predecessor, is a Milestone in the History of Video Games. That'S why you should have played it. But even otherwise it can still score today with its very good Level Design, as few Games can feature. Personally, I play the Game over and over again and it's a certain Constant that I keep dragging myself to the classic Shooters. I can absolutely recommend it and if you're already playing Games on Steam, why not the Game that Steam Made big? Did you like the Review of this Classic? Then take a look in my Group, where I published more Reviews. I just can't write a Review of this Game without sharing this Video. A quick Summary of the two Half-Life Titles. Warning: Spoilers! Half-Life in 60 Seconds
I played HL2 on a PS3 so I don't know if there's a big difference between the XBOX one so a big apology. Back to the game, I played it on a console a lot of years after its original release on PC but I can say that at least everything is said about HL2 is true, the game play, the music, the combat, the characters, the story, everything is in the right place, it works as an action FPS, as a survival horror or even as a puzzle game, the thing is that when you reach the end you don't notice and then the thing is over, I don't know if it's a masterpiece but is sure an amazing game, if you hadn't played you sure are missing something really good.
«Blew my mind»
This is THE best first person shooter ever released, period. And one of my most favorite soundtrack in video games. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»