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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review
by Winnie

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Sekiro, no es un souslborne. Eso es lo primero que tienes que saber y meterte en la cabeza. Esto es otra historia, otro genero incluso. Aquí no hay personalización, tampoco distintos tipos de armas ni niveles, esto no es un RPG es un juego de Acción. Partiendo de ahí, lo que si que tiene es dificultad y jefes a cascoporro.

El juego esta muy bien balanceado, esta diseñado para que no puedas romperlo como si puedes hacer en los Soulsborne y pasarte los jefes sin problemas. Aquí tienes que aprender a jugar, no hay rodeos ni "trucos", pero si que puedes facilitarte los combates con la prótesis de tu brazo, la cual puedes mejorar con dinero y algunos ingredientes. Los enemigos y especialmente los jefes suelen tener una debilidad a alguna de estas prótesis que vas consiguiendo a lo largo del juego. La otra rama en la que puedes definir tu "build" son las habilidades (activas y pasivas) y que compras con puntos de habilidad, obtenibles combatiendo o mediante algún mini-jefe.

La mejor parte de Sekiro, es su movilidad y verticalidad. En comparación con el movimiento tosco y poco pulido de Darks Souls 1 y 2. Sekiro es un juego que basa todo en su movimiento rápido, ágil y preciso. Precisos son también sus combates, ya que esta basado en su gran mayoría en el "parry". El objetivo del combate es romperle la postura al enemigo para hacerle un critico e infligirle mucho daño, mientras te defiendes de sus ataques esquivándolos o realizándoles un parry. Pero eso no es todo por que el jugador también tiene que evitar que le rompan la guardia, ya que si esto ocurre, no te puedes realizar ningún movimiento durante unos segundos.

El apartado gráfico cumple, es bonito pero no es ninguna maravilla técnica. Lo que si cabe destacar es que esta muy bien optimizado y funciona sin problemas (al menos en mi caso). Y poco mas se puede decir sin entrar en spoilers.

PD: El tañido de las espadas mola muchísimo.

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It's not a souslborne. That's the first thing you need to know and get into your head. This is another story, another genre even. There isn't personalization, nor different types of weapons or levels, this is not an RPG is an Action game. Starting from there, what has is its difficulty and a lot bosses.

The game is very well balanced, is designed so you can not break, like you can do in the Soulsborne and pass the bosses without problems. Here you have to learn, there aren't "tricks ", but you can make it easy usingthe prosthesis of your arm, which you can upgrade with money and some ingredients. The enemies and especially the bosses usually have a weakness to any of these prostheses that you can get along the game. The other branch in which you can define your build are the habilities (active and passive) that you can buy it with skill points, obtainable by fighting or defeating some mini-boss.

The best part of Sekiro is its mobility and verticality. Compared to the clumsy and unpolished movement of Darks Souls 1 and 2. Sekiro is a game that bases everything on its fast, agile and precise movement. Accurate are it's combats too, because it is based on the vast majority in the parry. The objective of the fight is to break the position of the enemy to make him a critic and inflict a lot of damage, while you are defending of their attacks avoid it or with a parry. But that's not all because the player has to avoid having his guard broken, because if this happens, you can not make any movement for a few seconds.

The graphic part complies, it is beautiful but it is no technical accomplishment. What is noteworthy is that it is very well optimized and works without problems (at least in my case). And little else can be said without entering spoilers. PD: The sound of the swords is very cool.

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«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Having played the other Soulsborne games, one thing you have to remember is that this game deviates quite a bit from them. Yes, the open level designs are still present, as well as the notoriously hard fights, but this game feels like it took that formula and breathed some fresh air into it, and then made it its own thing. It's truly unique in that sense.

I personally liked the gameplay in Sekiro the most out of all the games. There's heavier emphasis on stealth, and when fights are needed the player has to consider fighting like an actual swordsman rather than utilizing brute strength over the entire game. No longer can you roll out of the way of attacks, and instead you'd have to face them head on and consider the timing of your own strikes. The resurrection system may seem overpowered on the box, but getting that second chance in life is 1) limited, and 2) a waste unless you can figure out enemy fights. Boss fights are fun and challenging, and I can't think of a fight where I felt disappointed - even the Folding Screen Monkey fight was interesting in that it was unique from the other bossfights on its own. I never felt the game was unfair in any way, and it allowed just enough variety that I could approach fights in my own style, despite not having a range of weapons to pick from like in Dark Souls.

The story is more opaque compared to the other Soulsborne games, though I think in doing so we are able to feel a bit more attachment to the characters. It still has the same sense of worldbuilding as previous Soulsborne games, but I think they were able to flesh things out more with cutscenes featuring the characters. The story is nothing to write home about, but I did feel sad at one of the endings as the previous course of the game I had grown attached to the characters, something I can't say the same about for the other games from FromSoft.

What can I say about the art and music other than it's a 10/10?

This game is great and highly recommended if you're into challenging games, or you're like me and want to git gud.
Sekiro is that perfect blend between a popular format you know you love, but with enough fresh twists to feel totally new. While it shares many aspects with other From Software games, it still feels distinctly different.  I'll never forget the rush of satisfaction after landing the first Parry, as the camera swirls in to setup the deathblow. 

(One day I'll go back and finish the final boss, but I loved the journey there so much anyway it hardly matters) 
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Awesome game!
the dificult only make it better
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
you don't need shitty multiplayer to make a great game
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
one of the rare games to succeed when going wide and tall - there are a multitude of viable ways to approach each situation, and each option is varied and well thought out. the controls are tight, the animations beautiful, and the scenery breathtaking.
Favorite Thing: It's a great game in the Souls genre. It's nice having a story without having to read every speck of dirt. Least Favorite Thing: They went way overboard on the difficulty. Sucks the fun right out of it at times.

Date Completed: 2019-12-27
Playtime: 39h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: It's a blast, though the difficulty can make it unfun at times.
I don't know what else to say except, magnificent. This game is every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. FromSoft does it again, not that I doubted them. This game is incredible. It's the toughest fucking game I've ever beaten, the last boss is probably the most difficult and definitely took the longest for me to overcome. I think this game was a big "Oh you think you know our style? Fuck you, take this." To FromSoft fans because I went in as someone who had beaten Souls games and Bloodborne countless times and was humbled when I got my ass handed to me again and again. The music is good, the graphics are good, the bosses are incredible, and the game itself is, in my opinion, nearly flawless. Easy 9/10 Imo.

+ Unique combat system to differentiate from Souls
+ Extremely demanding (and ultimately rewarding)
+ Level design (grapple encourages verticality)
+ Focused experience, minimal fluff

- Uninspired story
- Mediocre enemy design (compare to Soulsbourne)
very engaging combat that rewards the time you've put into practicing it. movement is mostly free and fluid and overall makes for the most fun gameplay out of From Software to date. violent spikes in difficulty, some very questionable/repetitive boss design, bland soundtrack and story, and no character customization hamper this game.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Shadows die twice? This is a shameless understatement. Fromsoftware delivered something, the advanced gamer of today, did not even ask for due to lack of imagination. What a marvelous and beautiful world. Combat, so intense and dynamic... just epic. Of course there are a few negative reviews, cause some guys just have forgotten to respect a masterpiece of art. Don't take them too seriously, this game is fantastic. It is hard and unforgiving, but always fair. This is absolutely no game for whales, camper or exploiter. This is a game for those gamers with virtues like patience, endurance and attention. Shadows die so many times... but they won't give up!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
It has already been announced and I can confirm it; It's hellishly heavy. But when you've killed the Enemies that have put you down a hundred times that have previously felt, you just feel great-because you know how many times you've tried and failed. You need a reasonable Tactic to kill your Opponents. Graphics are superb and the Sound atmospheric. Nothing to suspend. I'd rather play it with the Keyboard, but it's designed for Controllers. Have not played many Hours yet, but I already know one thing: Playing This Game to the End will be a big Challenge and Will cost an enormous amount of Nerves and patience. I look forward to!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Very good and heavy Game with great Story, absolute Recommendation. -Important, whoever expects a Dark Souls 4 with Sekiro May be disappointed. Sekiro has many parallel, but the Combat System is fundamentally different-The Sword Fights and Animations are epic-character cannot be designed, but The Game tells a great Story and has excellent world building-The Entry Difficulty is high as there are few Ways to make the Gaming Experience easier. For my Taste, the Sense of achievement was all the greater when I managed a Heavy Section-It took me for a run with a long end And all Areas about 50 Hours-there is no Interaction with other Players, which I found very pleasant-I Played the Game with Controllers and found the Controls to be very fluid and intuitive