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Far Cry 5 review
by Oleg Bovykin

Amazing open world and crazy idea. Crazy cultists chasing hero on planes. Cheesburger bear for hire. Super!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
«Oh Lord, so give me a Creak so I can wade in the Blood of the pagan Pagans to praise your Glory. Eye for Eye, Cartridge for Cartridge, I walk in your Spirit through Montana to grill Cowsheds and rid all sorts of Bunkers of foul Skocks. Amen.» It didn't really one believe that With FarCry 5, Ubisoft Produces a snappy satire on the American Honks, hillbilies, rednecks, arch-conservative Bible Punishments or a dull-witted US president with the IQ Of a Skunk Endpoint, right? There are no Rock Stars at Work. No, FarCry 5 is more like a harmless fishing Trip to the Northwestern United States. Visually beautifully staged in the Scene. With a flattering Tapestry of sound and a fragrant lead-curled Air. In Terms of content, similarly arbitrary, weak and brutal as the Bible, but with more Fun. Ubisoft could have made (as always) more Effort in history, especially since, for once, reference is Made to a current Event of The time. Also, a voiceless (almost) hero seems badly antiquated in 2018. In Terms Of content, the Title is even really stupid and quite questionable in places. For example, in reality, there are heaps of spinners who build a Bunker in the US to be prepared against any zombie apocalypse or the imminent Invasion of the North Koreans. Or much worse; To get to Safety From a possible Storm of protest By lunatic Democrats, Environmentalists, Gays or Women. According to Ubisoft, these bunkering Backwoods are de facto far-sighted and extremely clever Subjects and actually even the smartest types in the whole Game. Except for the Villain, which is the Smartest. By Far. Fact. The brain-cracked completely illogical Ending proves it. In The End, however, one should have become accustomed to the Fact that in FarCry originality would be more likely to be found in the DLCs. Fortunately, however, Montana was captured so idyllic that you want to arm yourself with Crucifix and Kalashnikov and book your Plane Ticket For the USA. In terms of Style, everything stays the Same, except that you can save yourself the Climbing of any Towers. It simply does not exist. Conquering Nasty Villain bases also goes within two Minutes. Simply equip the next Helicopter with Missiles and send the Base over the Jordan River from the Air With a cheerful Hallelujah. Frankly, the Open World is enough for Me to make a Recommendation for FarCry. The World is so wonderfully designed and contains numerous small Details that turn out to be exceedingly clever. The World offers quite a lot of Variety, as you can now also man planes and compete in exciting Dogfights with the Drug Geeks and Bible Heralds. In addition, there are nice Companions (also animal) and just as funny as quirky Characters, such as Clutch Nixon (which you never get to Face). The Strength of the Game is that you only make clear Guidelines in a few Story Missions. Otherwise you can do and leave whatever you want and tackle things as you think they are fun. Verdict: Objectively, FarCry 5 is the best Part so far. Magnificent Scenery with numerous Details on US culture, great Soundrack and atmospheric Lighting Moods. In addition, there are numerous main and Secondary Missions, instead of brainless Collecting Tape. The shooter elements (the Handling) may not be quite up-to-date anymore, because there is no real Hit feedback à la Wolfenstein, for example. Driving and Airplanes are counter--soft. Ubisoft knows how to fill the World. After my 60 Hours, I could certainly put another 20 Hours into the Multiplayer. All in all, I had a lot of Fun with the Title and I'm already looking forward to the DLC's. If you are not sure, you should wait for a SALE, because then the small Negative Points are all the more Important.
A decently fun game, that shakes up the Far Cry formula in the structure just enough to make it interesting. My main gripes are two things:
- the story is complete ass, since it just creates edgy villains for the player to beat,
- exploring the world didn't bring me much excitement past the 5-hour mark.
I recommend it on a good sale.
«Better with friends»
Random encounters are horrible and ruin whole gameplay.
«Waste of time»
Far Cry 5 is a welcome and refreshing addition to the Far Cry franchise. New weapons and a robust game engine make for a wonderful gameplay experience. TL;DR With new mechanics and a beautiful game world to explore, FC 5 is a must buy for fans of the series.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Sit back and relax»
i like it
«Blew my mind»
The Far Cry games are among some of my most favourite games yet as the series edges closer to reality it becomes slightly uncomfortable to play. Originally when you were on a B-Movie version Of The Island Of Doctor Moreau in Far Cry Instincts that straddled the Original Xbox and 360 things were simple. Bad guys, you with your animal powers and the ability to take them down in multiple ways was a recipe for endless fun. As the series progressed and the supernatural elements disappeared you realised you were causing some significant humanitarian damage to different parts of the earth. In saying that the game always pulled you through with memorable antagonists like Vaas and Pagan Min and Far Cry 5 is no different with the Joseph Seed cult/preacher character. Yet in this day and age is the ability for sadistic violence enough for fans of the series? The game is set in a fictional area of Montana, rural, middle-America smack bang in the area where us Europeans immediately start humming duelling banjos and making Deliverance references. It is a stereotype but strangely enough, it is the first time I can think of Modern America being the subject of the stereotype. It generated a lot of heat when it was first shown and the feeling of moving through Montana is both familiar and jarring. It feels like a one-off setting for a game rather than the whole setting and this takes a while to disappear. Technically there are a few graphical glitches and pop-in that a launch day patch should resolve. You play a Deputy tasked with investigating Joseph Seed and his religious cult Eden’s Gate. Needless to say, things go very wrong very quickly and you are left fighting for survival in the typical Far Cry formula of unlocking vistas and levelling yourself up. What’s new this time is your companions. From the Dog to the sniper and the crop-dusting pilot who can drop airstrikes there is a motley bunch of supporting characters to choose from. It certainly makes this game have a different feel to the previous games but ups the ability for comedy violent situations even more. In keeping with modern games, Far Cry 5 is made for streamers and YouTubers. Explosions go off, your dog attacks enemies while fire explodes behind them the plane carpet bombs a sniper tower all while you sit and watch. It could be Commando the Movie if Schwarzenegger had never left his home cabin. It is perfectly set up for people to do interesting walkthroughs and take down outposts in a host of different ways. If you learn the guards patrol patterns it is entirely possible to go from one guard to another and stealthily take down the whole place. Hit share and bang you have streaming gold. If only it had been so easy back in the days of the original game. Your wingsuit is still a good companion and now skill upgrades are more tailored to feats you accomplish in the game rather than solely XP and crafting. Travel a good distance in the wingsuit and upgrades become available. It is just another quality of life that makes you keep coming back for more as you grind towards your next milestone. Added to this is the new Arcade mode which wasn’t available to reviewers. It will allow you to edit your own maps with assets from Ubisoft’s other big games like Assassins Creed. Personally, I can’t wait to set up a picture-perfect version of Crusade Area Jerusalem and see how those annoying Templars deal with automatic weapons. More likely though it will be a showcase for other players who are more creative and have more time on their hands to extend the life of the game beyond the 30hrs or so it will take to complete the story. You can of course team up and do the whole campaign cooperatively with a friend online. Again this seems set up to encourage streaming and let’s plays and this is to be expected in games now. I still have to come back to the title of my review and opening paragraph. With the current climate and gun arguments in America a game like this that has so much unscripted material and potential that some elements are a bit too close to the bone. It is to be applauded that Ubisoft keeps pushing the boundaries by making a western developed country the setting but the political message of the game is not what it appeared to be on the reveal. On reveal it looked to be a commentary on the growing conservative popularity in America yet when playing it falls into the typical video game traits with a crazed boss and his four henchmen acting as sub-bosses in typical video game fashion. If Seed had been as charismatic as Vaas or Pagan Min in this setting then the message could have been difficult and I haven’t reached the end yet so there is still time for this to develop further. Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel this is a missed opportunity to go darker from Ubisoft in this setting. As it is the comedy explosions and violence you can set up and your well acted and often funny companions take the sting out of what could have been a dark exploration into this modern America. As it is we have the same Far Cry formula and level of Ubisoft polish as well as the promise of genuinely interesting divergences in the season pass from Zombies to Vietnam and Mars. Far Cry 5 is looking to be in your console’s disk tray for the foreseeable future.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
If you play alone, everything is OK but the co-op is awful. That’s strange because Ubisoft promoted the multiplayer as one of the main game’s features. However, they failed: the guest doesn’t have item progressions and it totally ruins the game. Ubisoft needs to fix it and quickly because now the co-op doesn’t really make sense.
Who needs guns when you have a shovel? It’s really an ultimate weapon in Far Cry 5. No animals or humans will escape from your little smiling friend. If they start running, just throw the shovel - the accuracy is the same but no bullet wasting! Take up to nine shovels and go hunting. Of course, you can also fight the cultists here but let’s be honest: years later the shovel will be everything to remember with a smile on your face.
«Blew my mind»
Gameplay? Great.
Story? Kill everyone involved lest they ever get near a script again.

As soon as I get done scooping up achievements while they're still rare, I'm going back to Far Cry 4.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»