XV's review of the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Apr 19, 2019
Is hard to give a review to Sekiro because it has a lot of background behind and is difficult to not think about Souls or Bloodborne, but in the end, as bloodborne did in its own way, Sekiro is its own thing and is really good.

Everything feels familiar but it plays and tells its story very different than its cousins, the combat is great and makes you feel like the previous games lack in that department but for me the story and its characters never grew to the heights of other FromSoftware games, although I was very reluctant to feel sympathy for its main protagonist, in the end I was happy to be at his side.

The game gives you different difficulty settings in a very cryptic way as always, I played the harder mode and there's also a stealth mode which is the "easier" but slower mode, once you understand that you will prefer to dash through enemies and go berserk, because the stealth mode is kind of awkward and tedious.

As far as the presentation, the graphics are good but not great, and aside from a few ones which are beautiful the boss fights aren't as remarkable as they could be, the music didn't work that good for me because maybe I'm very ignorant of Japanese music but I really couldn't tell apart that a lot of tunes, which is a shame because the main composers of the previous games are here.

Even though is not that remarkable as the other FromSoftware games, is very good and better than a lot of other AAA games from another companies, I strongly recommend that if you're a FromSoftware fan check it out, and also if you are up to some challenge, is hard but not impossible and even you're almost alone in this game never forget to praise the sun.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«That Ending!»
«Beaten more than once»