Serge Ulankin's review of the game Grow Home
May 16, 2018
Grow Home is a strange mixture of Assassin's Creed and Disney's WALL·E.

WALL·E part: You play as a robot—the name's BUD—on a planet without humans. And you are strangely obsessed with a particular plant. You look like a pile of old rubbish, but also strangely cute.

Assassin's Creed part: you can easily climb up almost on any surface. You just have to hold some buttons and constantly push your character to a certain direction. If you remember some of the first parts of AC you may recall how terrible the controls were—you spent 90% of the game ‘locked up’, so to speak, meaning you had to hold down some buttons to climb/run and since you climbed and ran 90% of the game, you easily ended up with numb fingers. While the idea that you use left and right ‘hands’ separetly of the robot is okay, constant climbing makes the gameplay very tiring.

All in all, this might be a good game for some, if you don't mind the awkward controls and love the visual style. I, for one, didn't enjoy the overal looks of Grow Home. It looked cute and entertaining for me in trailers, so I instantly bought the original game and the sequel, but spending some time with BUD made me see the difference between the creative minimalism and the lazy-ass half-hearted yet bright-colored 3D-low-polly visuals. Unfortunately, I think that Grow Home falls in the second category.