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Overwatch review
by Tzeelim

I think, Overwatch is a not-for-everybody kinda game. If you want some easier experience, try Diablo III (and get butthurted with lagging servers, but these are details). Overwatch is a brilliantly designed and visually perfect game that provides great FPS experience to all lovers of the genre. One of the best team-based shooters right now. The complexity of characters and play styles is satisfying, so I think, everybody will find something interesting and enjoyable here.  

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This one is one of my few passions, games I just can't put down for an exceptionally long time. I always come back to it at some point, get burnt out and leave it for awhile, then come back.

The regular game-flow is superb, satisfactory and meaty. The shooting mechanics are so well designed that they fade into the background and it becomes almost zen-like. Comp mode is a joke, but it at least mostly forces decent team comps. When everything works as intended, it's utterly beautiful. Too bad the game is full of ass-holes.
«Can’t stop playing»
just an awesome game, sadly its dead:( i dont get why is it dead, it gets update oftenly
«Can’t stop playing»
The competition in this game is killed by balance and technical problems. Every match you play with the same 6 characters because the rest are broken and totally unplayable. Nothing is fixed, though the game is not new yet. Ranked play is something I don’t want to play ever. If you want to have a match or two with your friends - it’s not so bad, but as a global competition Overwatch sucks. 
Delete this. Only Hentui is good
«That ending!»