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Mark of the Ninja review
by Runaway13077

I'm not into platformers, actually, and in classic action games I try to avoid stealth (I guess, I failed literally every stealth quest in The Witcher 2). But I love Mark of the Ninja! It's easy to master and very enjoyable to play. You have a huge variety of weaponry and skills, the game teaches you. I also like the graphics that reminds me of Samurai Jack series.

I want to say a couple of words about the game design of this game. Every level has its own features so you need to find different ways to complete them. There are always several ways to go, and the game will award yu with extra points if you don't kill anybody. And there are bonus levels (if you find them) that consist of puzzles only (and they're hard).

I had some issues with the controls but, I guess, every platformer has these difficult parts that appear after easy ones. What a platformer without a little piece of frustration? 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Serge Ulankin
Oh, I just installed it and am going to play soon.
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A great stealth platformer!
The best 2D stealth game to exist
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Mark of the Ninja is a stealth game by well-known Indie Developer Klei Entertainment. The Game is daring and united came 2D Jump and Run with Stealth and it works beautifully. The Story is about the Main Character and his Tattoos, which give him special Powers but drive you mad over time. That's why each of these Ninjas swore to take their Own lives before they lose their Minds. The Story is simple, about Love and Betrayal, everything that belongs to it, but is told in great Cartoon Cutscenes and remains exciting to the End. The Ending is quite generic, but touches one. The Graphics are handmade and provide a great Comic Look that fits perfectly with the Game, the Levels are well designed, some Elements repeat once in a while, but that doesn't stand out any further. As in classic Jump and Run Games, you run and jump through the Levels, and you can also crawl along most Walls like Spiderman. As you go through the Levels, Traps and Guards evades you try to do as little of a crash as possible, this is beautifully represented by Sound waves. As usual for a Ninja, opt for either a bloody Path or an invisible Path. You are completely free whether you kill all The Guards and then hide the Corpses or whether you go around all the Obstacles and do not arouse suspicion. There are also useful Skills such as the classic Cardboard Box (Snake lets greet) or the obligatory Smoke bomb, which of course must not be missing a Ninja. Some Stealth Passages are sophisticated, but it never gets really unfair. It is always a great Feeling when you have mastered the difficult Place in a sweat-bathed way. Of course, it often happens that you get caught, it remains open to you whether you are fighting Or loading The last Checkpoint, the Checkpoints are almost too fairly distributed and you often get caught trying a Place and loading it again immediately because it is not like geplan t skin. Mark of the Ninja is a great Stealth Game, here big Publishers can take a look a little, because that's exactly how you make a good Exciting Sneak experience. The Story is told thrillingly in great Cutscenes, sneaking is really Fun and there are all sorts of Secrets and Collectibles to be found. But You also have to take little Patience and Perseverance with you, because with many Passages you have to sneak through because you have no Chance in the Fight. So Those who prefer action and Explosions than a precisely missed assassination Attempt are definitely wrong here. The Game time is fine with 8-10 Hours for the Story, if you want to create the 100% you are definitely busy much longer, to which after the End of the Game there is still a New Game Plus mode with a difficult Difficulty. Stealth Fans should definitely strike.
They ruined the game for me with this artistic style they chose. It’s too childish for me, so I can’t dive into the game. Especially it feels wrong along with the blood and violence of this game.  
Mark of the Ninja is a gorgeous stealth side-scrolling platformer. It has a lot of gameplay features, different weapons and gadgets you can use, and it also brilliantly develops the theme of asian ninjas and their silent crimes. I liked that they didn’t make the protagonist overpowered, and every new level is a new hard challenge. The level design here is awesome too, so you can reach the goal using at least 2-3 different ways.