Sep 7, 2012
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Mark of the Ninja

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Mark of the ninja is a side-scrolling stealth-action. The game follows an unnamed ninja who is tasked to revenge a private military company that attacked ninja’s clan dojo.
The gameplay can be described as a mix of 2D platformer and stealth-action. Throughout the whole game, it is much more useful to neutralize enemies silently. The ninja protagonist has different abilities and tools which allow him to kill enemies from hiding spots, distract enemies, slow them down, and so on. They can be unlocked in exchange for honor – points that you get for performing different types of silent kills, completing tasks, challenges, finding collectibles.
The enemies are sensitive to sound, they interact with each other and can be terrified if the witness an assassination of their allies. There are different types of collectibles in the game and few secret challenge rooms in each level. Usually, they consist of some puzzles which can be solved by using the ninja’s unique abilities and items.

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I'm not into platformers, actually, and in classic action games I try to avoid stealth (I guess, I failed literally every stealth quest in The Witcher 2). But I love Mark of the Ninja! It's easy to master and very enjoyable to play. You have a huge variety of weaponry and skills, the game teaches you. I also like the graphics that reminds me of Samurai Jack series. I want to say a couple of words about the game design of this game. Every level has its own features so you need to find different ways to complete them. There are always several ways to go, and the game will award yu with extra points if you don't kill anybody. And there are bonus levels (if you find them) that consist of puzzles only (and they're hard). I had some issues with the controls but, I guess, every platformer has these difficult parts that appear after easy ones. What a platformer without a little piece of frustration? 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
They ruined the game for me with this artistic style they chose. It’s too childish for me, so I can’t dive into the game. Especially it feels wrong along with the blood and violence of this game.  
Mark of the Ninja is a gorgeous stealth side-scrolling platformer. It has a lot of gameplay features, different weapons and gadgets you can use, and it also brilliantly develops the theme of asian ninjas and their silent crimes. I liked that they didn’t make the protagonist overpowered, and every new level is a new hard challenge. The level design here is awesome too, so you can reach the goal using at least 2-3 different ways.  
По результатам непредвзятых и безбожно объективных исследований и опросов среди меня это лучшая сайд-скроллинговая стелс игра!