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Subnautica review
by highhorse

Finally completed it after many hours of gameplay (49 hours to be exact)!

Subnautica is an extremely well-done underwater exploration game where you're trying to escape the planet your ship crashed into.

It offers a world where no other videogame comes even close to. It's a shame most of it is buried under the darkness of the ocean. I think some artistic liberties could've been taken. Like Abzu, where it never gets pitch dark.

The crafting is actually very satisfying. There is some grind but when you get going with the vehicles and some neat base features, you feel extremely satisfied after your hard work.

The submarine you get could've been improved. You can't open the PDA while driving it. You can't see what's below you unless you use the cameras etc. When you switch to the camera view you are taken away from the radar which is important to avoid some big fish.

The game can be played with a goal of curing yourself and the rest of the planet from the sickness. Also escaping the planet if you wish to do so. The steps you need to take in order to achieve these goals are not super self explanatory. I had to consult the wiki in some places to figure out certain bits. If you're looking for a straightforward narrative, this is not for you.

Also towards the end of the game they give you this upgrade relating to power. You can seriously upgrade the power capacity of your vehicles. I'm talking almost infinite power. But at that point you probably explored every corner of the map and ready to get off the planet. So it's kinda pointless.

I also experienced some performance issues unfortunately on my GTX970. I know I don't have the latest and greatest but it still performed really badly especially around my base it would fall to 15FPS or so.

If I lowered the settings quite drastically I would get around 30FPS.

Don't let some of the negatives I mentioned scare you, Subnautica is one of the best survival/crafting and exploration games and it just seems to hit that perfect spot where crafting is rewarding and resource collection is actually quite interesting.

Last words: Co-op DLC like Don't Starve Together would make this game a blast.
«Blew my mind»
Serge Ulankin
Haven't thought about a co-op DLC, but damn, you are right!

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grindy at times, but the vehicles are cool, music is great, environments and creatures are interesting. story is decent as well
Best exploration game, behind outer-wilds
«Blew my mind»
A cumbersome game about gathering crafting supplies and managing inventory space. There does seem to be some combat, and a few story elements here and there, but by and large you're just going to go back and forth checking off recipe lists, without an intuitive interface to help.

Do not attempt to play this with a controller. It doesn't break the game, it simply makes it worse.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
yes, the environment is indeed very beautiful and the game is incredibly immersive, with lots of learning to be had. the ocean feels is a vast and diverse playground that welcomes only until you descend deeper, wherein the game becomes palpably terrifying, and much more scary than most horror games out without a seeming intention to be so, which is commendable. this game would be 'Exceptional' if it wasnt for the game-breaking frame rate and glitches, like the one that wipes your entire save file. these problems felt catastrophic to the experience at times and would definitely turn many players away, which is to be blamed entirely on the studio releasing the game in its current state. also inventory management can be a pain.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Subnautica was really a great Experience. After 65 Hours I played through it now and it grabbed me so much during that Time like no Game left for long. The Underwater World is incredibly Beautiful, it's incredibly fun to explore and can be totally relaxing in (during The Gameplay) known Waters, but at the same time it's extremely exciting and distressing to explore new Areas, into more immative deeper and darker Dip down depths and come across increasingly unusual Animals and Plants. You never know what to expect, what Friend and enemy is, what leaves you alone or wants to be left alone, or what you consider Prey. On this lonely and unexplored planet, this evokes a really strangely distressing Feeling-and at the same time brings a lot of Joy. I was Really surprised by the whole Story and Lore of Subnautica, which was much more profound than I expected and, especially towards the End, was totally beautiful. It is chosen mainly by Database Entries of scanned and float objects and living Beings, as well as by radio or Radio Transmissions. The Goal is clear from the Start: To survive The Planet and ultimately escape. I don't want to give too much away here either, but one thing is certain: There is some Surprise with "Aha" Or "Wow" effects. But that actually applies to pretty much every Aspect of the Game. I don't really know if and what I can or should criticise. Technically, the Game may not be up to date. While it looks gorgeous, here and there it feels a bit wooden in terms of Crafting and Building or maybe Physics. Here and there, for example, it happened that a Fish Got lost in my (water-free) Underwater base and happily continued to swim there and didn't come out anymore. And there we are already with another Aspect of the Game: Crafting and Survival. Survival is complicated by Hunger and Thirst, which can be calmed first by Catching various Fish and later by Machines. I issued these by console Command after about 20-30 Hours and I switched "exploration" game mode simply to have a slightly more stress-free Gaming Experience. I didn't regret That until the End, because I also played Subnautica mainly because of the exploration aspect. Otherwise, it works like in any other survival game. You can find your Ways and Means to optimize the Food Supply so that Hunger and Thirst become an ever lower Problem, but you also have to keep planning ahead the further and deeper you dive. Crafting and Collecting the required Marterials is Fun, the Sites are understandable and it actually goes well out of hand, is only sometimes a bit unnecessarily awkward, if you often want to make the same one after the other. There is no assistance through ads About which Recipes, for Example, "copper" Everything is needed. If you get it, as you are used to, you produce better And better equipment and in the broadest sense weapons (but there is not much there: Subnautica is not a Game in which you are constantly fighting Large Fish), refines Marterials to build new Ships, for example, or Produces Upgrades for these to penetrate deeper and more dangerous Areas. The Base Building is actually rather optional, but it's also a Lot of Fun and very satisfying when you have your own little safe Retreat in the strange World. Here you can build some practical Things, like building a Scanner room that helps you locate certain Marterial ones-or just set it up a bit nice through the coffee Maker and Bed (both of which are also handy). The lamps and Lights that can be made are particularly pretty. This makes Underwater look pretty cool if you let your own ever-expanding Base be irradiated by Floodlights and then look at it at Night. There's so much more to talk about. For Example, the Wreck of the Aurora-the giant Ship you crashed with and survived only thanks to a Rescue Capsule. Or the incredibly pretty solar Eclipses caused by the giant Moon. Or about Hatching fish eggs. Or, or, or. As I said, Subnautica holds one or the other Surprise ready. But even without this, after just a Few Minutes of play, I was totally thrilled by the truly unique Gaming experience it has offered, in this Computer Game world, where felt one in three is a "Survival" game. Quite, very clear Chewing Recommendation. £20is a really fair Price.
Favorite Thing: There was nothing that stood out in the few hours I played.
Least Favorite Thing: Annoying reliance on collecting + severely limited space + no direction

Date Dropped: 2019-04-01
Playtime: 3h
Recommendation: No. It's assuredly not my type of game.
Exceptional and very fun survival game! The perfect balance of terrifying and relaxing at the same time. Great atmosphere, creatures, music and gameplay. I just wish it was bigger!
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Such a great survival game! Rich world, freedom of exploration, interesting crafting, not too punishing for mistakes, intriguing story.
First half of the game is just perfect, for the second half I wish there would be a little more hints where to go and more challenging enemies. But overall it still awesome to the end!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Greatest survival game ever! Just wish it was bigger.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
It was amaizing. I loved that terror in the game i realy recomed it
«Blew my mind»