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The Wolf Among Us review
by StevenFortney

Just recently replayed this game after a long time and fell in love all over again. What elevates this well above the other Telltale stalwart The Walking Dead is how effective this is as a mystery story. Obviously Telltale had already proven their strengths in this wheelhouse of narrative choose-your-adventure style gaming with that game, but simply put, a mystery story in the Telltale formula makes for a more effective game than a survival-type game. With the player in the role of detective, there is greater encouragement to explore every nook and cranny of a given room, navigate the many dialogue trees carefully, and there is greater urgency when being forced to pursue one lead over another.

Another stroke of genius (and I suppose 'Fables' architect Bill Willingham is owed credit for this) is that in true mystery fashion, everyone is a suspect, but as a player you actually already have a second-hand understanding of who most if not all of the characters are already. Just as Bigby has lived with his fellow Fables for hundreds and hundreds of years, you too have also known the characters since you were a child. Even though it is a fantastical world to buy into, your familiarity with it allows you to start off the game right away acting in a place of authority over the world of the game, and that is awesome. The game's finale also puts the critical eye over your entire play style, which is fantastic. While abusing your power doesn't always have immediate consequences, by game's end they can catch up with you. All in all, this is definitely the best mystery-style game I've played. Its simplicity trounces all over something like L.A. Confidential and make for a fun and rewarding gaming experience.
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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Telltales best work by far!
Es el segundo videojuego de TellTales que juego, el primero fué Walking Dead, el cual recomiendo muy fuertemente.
En este caso, TWAU, me costo un poco entrarle al principio, creo que siempre me pasa con los juegos narrativos, pero después de una semanas abandonado y un segundo intento pude apreciar seriamente la historia y disfrutarla.

Es un videojuego, que si no estas acostumbrado a la narrativa o si no lo buscas, te resultará tedioso el poco margen de acción que tienes, pero indudablemente si le das una oportunidad la historia te encantará.

Después de haberlo jugado he empezado a leer las historietas de Fables. Increible.
This game made me read! comic books, but still.  I read the entire run of Fables after playing this, and I loved it.  This game gets an exceptional, but mostly so do the comics, go read them.
The classic Telltale formula, that never changes.  Consistency can be a good thing.  The writing is mostly strong, if a little overly hard boiled.  The quick time events are responsive, and there are enough twists and turns to keep you constantly playing.  The comic look is great, too.  
«Just one more turn»
The story was so good. In retrospect it might seem like a generic thriller but the story flowed so well. I thought Interactive games will be bland but turns out it can be good too.
The choices do lead to different behaviour from people but mostly the story keeps the same course.
It's a great game as a whole and I like the OST on the home screen a lot.
«Blew my mind»
This game about fairy tale characters is better than most crime fiction on HBO. 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Great story and graphics
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
------------------------------------------------------Game: A Typical Quick Time Event Game From TellTale, which comes with a lot of Charm, good Story and very good Characters. ------------------------------------------------------Single Player: One plays the great Evil Wolf from well-known Fairy Tales and lives in a District of Mythical Creatures (Toons?) was assigned by the People. But in order to be allowed to live there, they have to change shape with a Means. Since the Remedy is not cheap, the Mythical Creatures who cannot afford it have to get to a Farm or illegally get it on the Black Market. (But I don't want to give too much away) Everyone in the City has a Profession that you can Pursue yourself playing the Sheriff of the City and is called to a noise Nuisance which develops into a totally violent Story with Murder, fraud, Lies and Love. Playful it's classic as with Walking Dead, you interact with Characters giving right or wrong Answers and depending on how you decide the Plot is influenced. ------------------------------------------------------Graphic: The Graphics are really already, there is a lot of Attention to Detail in the Figures. ------------------------------------------------------Music: The Music is very well done, and always fits very much with the situation. ------------------------------------------------------Control: The Controller works without any Problems with the XBOX 360 Pad. ------------------------------------------------------Pro/Contra: + Beautiful Graphics + good story + good control + good Synchro + beautiful Storylines you can choose-no German Synchro-no German Subtitle (a Deutschpatch is available, for example Download here: A really very good Story with Just great Characters you know from a lot of Mosquitoes. The Story is, of course, more of something for grown-up, and the Humour is clearly designed to do so. The Story is somewhat reminiscent of the 1988 Film False Game with Rodger Rabbit, in case the Idea with the city seems somewhat familiar with the City for Mythical Creatures. What bothered me the most, but what at almost all TellTale Games is that you have to Answer while you are already reading. Any incident should this Game not be missing from any TellTale Collection. €22.99, however, is still a proud Price but as a Tier 2 game in The Humble Bundle you can take it with you before. It took me 8 Hours to play through it, it's definitely worth playing again, because you can also answer differently in many Conversations. ------------------------------------------------------Summarized: Single Players: 10/10 Graphic: 9/10 Music: 10/10 Control: 9/10------------------------------------------------------Game: 10/10
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Reading the story of Fables, I thought it would be nonsense, one of the usual reinterpretations of Shrek in the fairy tale world. Instead, I found myself in the hands of a work with a very particular style. The basic style is hard-boiled, with its smoky rooms, vulgar characters, the violent world: very often the "fabulous" names of the characters look like nicknames rather than their true nature. They immediately appear for the fantastic characters: who do not live in a fairy tale kingdom, but, having to come to terms with reality, they are reduced to living in poverty, forced to commit crimes or prostitution: sometimes even the elements of fable seem elements horror. A lot is played on this dichotomy: on the one hand, the fairy tales that should be the maximum of carefree, p; on the other hand, a violent reality that does not save you from impressing the player when he can: all, allegorically, is nothing but the need to have to return to reality without having too many illusions.