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by TheTreeMan

Pleasantly suprised  with this game. Really great setting and concept. Some really interest story mechanics as well. Definietlyworth a play.

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I like the concept and the voice acting is good but it runs like absolute shit on the Nintendo Switch
«Ugly as my life»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I'm in Control ... The Content to the Point Find your Son Adam. Story You're Daniel Lazarski, an elite neural detective (Ovserver) in 2084 whose Profession is to hack the Thoughts of Suspects. One Morning, Daniel receives a strange Phone call from his Son Adam. Tracing the Call leads Daniel to a Rental House and events take their Course. Gameplay & Control Your controls Daniel Lazarski, who is staged by the great Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), from the ego perspective. I recommend Mouse & Keyboard. As a Neural Detective, you have different Skills. For example, you can switch between different Visual Fashion that allows you to analyze Objects as well as traces of blood. Your primary "Weapon" is the so-called Dream Eater. This enables you to hack into the Thoughts of other People, who are practically all chipped and thus suitable in this cyberpunk scenario. Your Main Task is to analyze various Crime Scenes in order to follow the Trail to your Son. A little Hacking, a nice Mini-name, some Hide & Seek Sections and lots of some really hearty surprises are already waiting for you. At this Point I would like to commend the Developers again. The last Game of "Bloober Team SA" Was "Layers of Fear" and that's where the Horror worked only to a limited extent for me. For the simple Reason because there was no real Threat. If I as a Player cannot bless the Temporal, almost all optical as well as acoustic Effects fizzle out with me, thus unfolding only a Fraction of their Effect. At "Observer," I just realized that they took the Criticism to Heart:-) Thank you for that! Graphics & Sound I dare to award a 1 + in both Divisions. What is released here on optical Lightning Thunderstorms including badly mixed Sound on one resembles in places an acid trip of the very best Variety. The Voiceover is only available in English, but is beyond reproach. (German Subtitles are available) Rutger Hauer Just does his Thing great and seems confidently authentic until the last Second. The other Speakers are Also very well chosen. Warning: If you are easily prone to eptileptic Seizures, please make a huge Bow around this Game! Scope 7 – 10h you can definitely calculate on the first Pass. That can be more or less, depending on what a Schisser you are haha. There is only one, but balanced, degree of Difficulty and away from the Main Story only a very few Sidequests. Achievement Hunter are also likely to graze the Sections by Collection Cards and other Stuff. I was mistakously lashed by the first Pass, and in the second Run the horror concept only floated in the new Areas, which I hadn't explored before. Unfortunately, The Effects are quickly used here, so the Replay value is limited. Other anyone Who has Problems with Tearing or a hairy control directly rotate VSYNC in the Game. Disabling in the Driver has not brought the desired Effect to me. Here's some Information on How to Optimize. A cyberpunk Psycho-horror trip at its Best. Https:// OS Win 10 Pro Build 1809 SSD Samsung 860 PRO CPU Intel CORE i7 7700K GPU EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING Driver ForceWare 416.94 RAM 32GB-DDR4 3000 MHz Cheers, Fletcher
Haiku Review: Track a murderer / Observing makes no sense, random / It is all so dark
Favorite Thing: The story/investigation kept me going. That and Fire and Sword.
Least Favorite Thing: Things were a bit too random. It felt like random for the sake of random.

Date Completed: 2018-07-25
Playtime: ~ 6.5h
Enjoyment: 6/10
Recommendation: I'm a soft 'yes'. Fans of horror or cyberpunk should find some enjoyment here.