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Darksiders Warmastered Edition review
by Serge Ulankin

Being several hours in I already feel like I've seen most things that the game can offer, so I decided to write a review right now.

Darksiders is often compared with Zelda for its puzzles and Devil May Cry for the hack-and-slash combat. I don't feel that it can be compared to Zelda in any way, for me the puzzles were pretty dumb and obvious to the point that I couldn't call them “puzzles” at all. There were other puzzles, I have to admit, where you can't figure what the game wants from you due to poor level-design.

As for the DMC part, it's somewhat close—you'll fight hordes of enemies with shitty AI using one main and some additional weapons and abilities, trying to tie them in to produce lasting combos. The combos part sucks, by the way, because it's not rewarding to try to make them higher, since the game doesn't encourage you in any way (simply displaying Stylish! Cccombo! Diabolic! would make it better). Here's a random YouTube video where the guy used an exploit to make a 516 hits combo and the game treats it like nothing interesting happened.
Besides, the game seemingly doesn't even *want* you to make combos, since if you stop whacking enemies for a millisecond, the counter will disappear right that moment. All in all, the core of Darksiders—the combat—is lacking.

The game also offers some of the most frustrating 3D-platforming I've ever seen. If you run to jump straight from the edge of the platform… Don't. Just don't. War (the protagonist) will rush straight into lava or an abyss. Always start jumping half a meter before the edge.

Another problem for me was the abundance of mechanics Darksiders offers. It throws a new move, item, technique or weapon in every 30 minutes but simply doesn't give you time to experience it, master it, and find a joy in figuring out how this or that thing can work. There are so many things the game tries to bring on the table, yet so little time for you to understand and enjoy it.

I have to say a few words about the story and atmosphere too. Well, the game tries to be epic so hard that it finally looks ridiculous, like War (the playable character) with laughably gigantic hands and overly manly and grave retorts. No, his hands are seriously big. To the point that you start wondering how War performs daily routine, like opening a bottle of milk and pouring some cereal in the morning. No surprise he's that angry.
The music is so pompous that you sometimes want it to stop. The story is your usual dark fantasy about demons and angels and somebody else who fights both.

Also, Draksiders aged quite badly. Originally, this is the game from PS3, but Warmastered Edition was a free upgrade for all owners with higher resolutions and better textures, but it doesn't help the game much today. The game looks dull, gray and unimaginative in its palette, monsters design, environment and interface. And the long load screens for the inventory and map are killing me.

I was disappointed to see that most parts of levels are locked up with no way to break crystal walls early on. I understand that it should somehow motivate you to carry on and probably to backtrack/revisit later, but in reallity it does nothing but killing my mood to explore further.

Finally, the game still has some significant bugs even after the remaster, especially with enemies' AI. Yesterday, the boss just stood at some point of the middle of the fight. I could easily kill him, so I started slashing the big guy repeatedly. And I could win that fight. But then the game lost connection to my controller.

I guess now you understand why I recommend to skip this game. However, I am going to finish it, because I am a freak who can't play the last part of the series, if he hasn't finished previous installments. But don't be me, don't repeat my mistakes. Enjoy games you like and drop shamelessly something you don't.

Edit: I couldn't. I tried but it was way beyond my efforts.
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Review Darksider'S Conclusion: A classic Role-playing Game with an epic Story. Not without Reason called the "adult Zelda." A clear Buy Recommendation and Fun for 15-20h. Gameplay and Story This is a classic Role-playing Game, as mentioned in the Conclusion, which could best be compared to Zelda. You Play the apocalyptic Horseman War in the first Part, what an Honor to get to know War personally on his Adventures. On our Journey we complete Various Dungeons and travel around in a Game world that, thanks to the New Skills learned during the course Of the game, we also let us explore new Areas and Areas of the Game world. From today's Point of view, the Game world is relatively manageable, but this is never unpleasant. Quality, in my View, goes before Quantity. The Areas are very varied and gradually blend beautifully into the History. Let us start in a devastated city at the Beginning, so some Time later we find ourselves in a wasteland, travelling to a enchanted and nature-recaptured landscape, underground and to many other interesting Places, which I continue to look for spoilerums. Want to mention. This is Rounded off by a comfortable Fast travel Function, which has just as beautifully woven Into the Game world. I always had the Feeling that the Developers here gave themselves with Heart and Soul of this World and thought it through to the Last detail. Nothing seems forced here, but has its very specific Place in this Story. The Story is thrillingly told and just from the second Half of the Game becomes truly epic. I fervently hope the Story gets a worthy Sequel. From the Very beginning, the Initial Situation and the entire History offer the Possibility that some Sequels could follow Here. Graphics and Performance Visually, Darksiders wraps itself in a Comic Garb that attracts attention with bright Colors and lots Of Effects. Even if you look at the Engine its Age, the Title has aged well. Unfortunately, you don't have many Choices in the Graphic Menu, but this is not decisive due to the Stem. Afterward, a new Version was released by the Publisher, which also allows for a higher Resolution and a few Trifles. The Performance is consistently good. 60fps are loosely possible and annoying Rucklers didn't perform at my Game. Unfortunately, however, the Game is supported every few Hours because of a critical Error. Thanks to the autosave feature, no Damage was done here, but it would have been nice if the Game were to run stable throughout. Sound Here I can keep myself short and tight. The German Setting succeeded well, but I noticed from time to time in the Conversations and Cutscenes that the Volume was out of sync with the actual Game. A little Fine-tuning would certainly have done good here. Control Either by Mouse and Keyboard, or by Controller. The Choice is entirely up to you. Although the Game was noticeably developed and programmed for the Console, which is especially noticeable in the Game Menus, the Implementation on PC has at least succeeded so well that this has not bothered me any further. After a short time of Familiarization, you have the Hang of it or you can use the xbox controller right from the Start.