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Devil May Cry 5 review
by Curious_Cat

Favorite Thing: Three different playable characters was a nice touch. V in particular has a nice and different play style.
Least Favorite Thing: Lady and Trish aren't featured enough. They feel like an afterthought.

Date Completed: 2019-08-12
Playtime: 12h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: The action is solid and super stylish. Definitely worth playing.

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This game has MOTIVATION.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Every one was like WOW when Dmc 5 was
presented. I'm just destroyed my old table on two part's when i saw the "Devil May Cry" neon sign.I want to say that i don't care about the table.Dmc is on fire again!!!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Probably the greatest 3'rd person action game ever made. What Hideaki Itsuno accomplished with the combat system is nothing short of miraculous. Almost all of the playable characters are fun and deep; Nero, Dante and Vergil are an absolute blast to play and each have their own styles and combos, and while V isn't as fun to play as them, I still enjoyed his missions quite a bit and I found him a fascinating character. The graphics are gorgeous; the RE Engine looks so good and makes the characters look realistic as hell and the environment, enemy designs and weapon effects also benefit greatly from it. Boss fights are all great, I enjoyed them all considerably (yes even the Qliphoth Roots), the enemy variety is unique and fun to fight (except for the Furies, f them), and the soundtrack is incredible as well. The story is fine, the nonlinear structure certainly makes it interesting and while the "twist", if you can even call it that, is the most obvious thing in the world, it was nevertheless pretty fun to watch. Comedy works very well, I don't understand why some people are upset at this, DMC was always filled with cheesy humor and it was very entertaining to see both Nero and Dante act cocky to rile up their enemies. 

Only complaints:  Human mode is way too easy and it feels kind of boring. Son of Sparda is when you're pushed to utilize combos and it's when it gets really fun. Lady and Trish are wasted, and it's a shame. I find Lady's design to be very interesting so I was hoping to see her play an important role but all she does is get captured, get rescued, and sit around in Nico's van. 

9/10 normally, 10/10 with Vergil/Special Edition. 
«Blew my mind»
«Beaten more than once»
Gr8 m8
«Liked before it became a hit»
Itsuno was right. It exceeded expectations
«Can’t stop playing»
«OST on repeat»
I don’t think DMCV is nearly as good as the reviews it got. It was very highly praised. I don’t get why. The characters are the dumbest characters I’ve ever seen in a video game. It’s actually hilarious because they are supposed to be cool. The monsters and graphics are well done. The story is very very dumb but at times it’s actually a fun dumb and some of the cutscenes have been pretty sweet. The ending isn’t satisfying at all though, it’s a classic “oh we aren’t fighting anymore” ending and a character getting randomly stronger for no reason. Other notable fucked up things. What the fuck was that cowboy hat Michael Jackson dance that Dante did? That was hilarious and so out of place. Also once Dante gets the nunchucks and he makes Asian sounds whenever he uses them? Is that not racist because Asians made this game? It seemed racist to me.

Now for the gameplay, it just isn’t that satisfying for me. It’s true when I get a sweet combo going i get excited and want to keep it going, but I also find this type of combat tiring. I don’t ever sit and play this game for more than an hour ish. The combat doesn’t draw me in to keep playing. I think the full offence that this game requires makes it a bit more repetitive. I liked fighting multiple normal enemies more than the boss fights. If I enjoyed the combat more I think I’d be able to enjoy the stupidity of the story and characters more. I wouldnt go so far as to say I struggled to finish this game, but I certainly played it in shorter spans, and with longer breaks in between than I usually do for a single player story. And by the end I was ready for the conclusion. I really can’t believe this games is at 88 on opencritic. That blows my mind.

Final Score: B+
First time playing a dmc game and this was absolutely amazing
«Blew my mind»
Capcom reinvented the beat em up genre with Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 5 ushers that invention into a new generation perfectly. Beating demon ass looks good, sounds good and feels real good.
«OST on repeat»
Great hack and slash game
I'm not the biggest fan of Devil May Cry but I sure like all the canon entries quite a lot (except for the 2nd one but who does?) and I also really liked the new kid Nero back in the 4th, I think that it was nice addition to the cast, so when I knew that he will be back for 5 I was really excited.

After the sweet and satisfying combat in DMC4 on just can wonder what can be achieved in the next entry and the thing went beyond my expectations, as far as Hack n' slash games go, I like them a lot even tho' I'm not a super combo master but I can have a great time trying to be one, the gameplay and combat is so fun and versatile that at least one of the three selectable characters might suit your style, so if you're not good but not bad as me, Nero will be likely your favorite (if you played the 4th game you know how he rolls), or if you're not that good you can stick a lot more with the mysterious and stoic V, which has a very interesting way of playing: sort of Pikmin style you use three units at the same time that also has some autonomy and their own hp bars, the combat its simplier, satisfying and more easily to attain higher ranks but it needs some strategy and also your thumbs will hurt quite a bit, as for the more advanced and audacious players Dante will be the one, it has more versatility and complexity than the other two but for that reason his chapters can be the more satisfying if you can master his combos and weapons.

Every style of combat its a reflection of the personality of its character, a thing that I liked a lot because in videogames, in order to exploit your story to its full potential you need the gameplay to tell its own story, at least for me. Speaking of story, at first, I was a little reluctant of how good it will be, starting with the somehow dull one-liners that Nero and Dante said too often or how V looked like a generic edgy and stoic guy, but the more the story unfolded I was more really into it, and the more I knew its main cast I was more in line with their motivations and what they did to attain their goals, as for the supporting cast, well, they are serviceable to the story but don't expect a lot of Lady, Trish or even the new Nico, they're more like cameos, not a big issue but I could see them a lot more in future entries. As for plots and story turns, let's say that some things I really didn't expect happened and they were so subtly hinted that it was like a magic trick unfolded in front of you, maybe for veteran and more hardcore players was so obvious but for me, it was a nice surprise.

One of the stellar things in DMC5 are the boss fights, there are at least 10 different battles and they are so different from one another, from the boss design (which are so good) and for the combat mechanics, one thing that can be noted for games like God of War (2018) a game that I really like but it lacks so much in the boss department, there is a scripted fight that you will encounter two times but is not that bad and is serviceable for the story, kind of. I really like the Devil Trigger theme, it adds to the atmosphere and pumped up combat but I'm not really into that sort of electronic-rock-drum and bass music (which the series have since the first one) but I think to others might be a work of genius, for me it was good and not distracting, so it was OK. The environment and stage design it's also very good, the game has a gothic theme on its story but it also can be noted in the architecture of its world, it's very subtle but there is, and it's interesting because, for an action game as bombastic as this, one would think that everything would be "in your face" but they decided to be almost a muted and almost unnoticeable thing to see, kudos for the developers for that.

As far as negatives aside from the first act simpler dialogue and some nitpicks, my biggest issue is a personal one (that I'm not counting to "diminish" the score of this review mind you) but I really don't like the faces of the main characters, at least for the "classic" ones, they differ so much from their past entries that look like different people, I heard that they were based on real people but at least for me didn't feel "right" in here, but hey, that's just my personal opinion, some might like them a lot and good for them.

My time with DMC 5 was very good, flashy and fast that almost felt like I rushed through all the game, I played on Devil Hunter mode (which is supposed to be recommended for veteran players) and the challenge was really good and fun, there are a lot of options for people who are not good but want to play it for the story, which I don't recommend because sometimes a devil must cry in order to achieve their goals.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»