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Assassin's Creed Odyssey review
by hcolesmith

Although this is an exceedingly good Assassin's Creed game, it doesn't ever feel like it quite pushes the boundaries to become a great game all around. For as much good stuff as this has going for it (locations, graphics, narrative to an extent), there's a bunch of design decisions that I could never quite wrap my head around. 

My biggest gripe with this game, hands down, is the level scaling. It was bafflingly annoying to hit level 55 by the end of the game and then only be able to find enemies level 51 at the lowest with scaling turned down. At what point in this game's development did the leveling system actually get added, I wonder? The fact that there's scaling at all tells me that it might have not been a feature from the get-go. Being able to wreck low level enemies is a quintessential and magnificent part of the RPG experience. If they didn't want this to happen, they shouldn't have included as many RPG elements. This bugged the hell out of me. I waited to do the arena side quest until the end of the game and that was massively fun to just mow through low level enemies in a couple hits. 

Secondly, I'm not a huge fan of the map size. It's unwieldy to get around at times. We've seen so many games go for bigger and bigger maps, but this didn't feel to be one that actually benefitted from it. Sure there's plenty of forts to raid but when they feel a bit copy/pasted by hour 30, why are they in there so frequently? I much prefer smaller map sizes packed with things to do. 

I don't know that I ever felt like Assassin's Creed Odyssey really respected my time. There are so many parts of this game that are billed as "main quest" that feel like they should be relegated to the side quest. Namely, the cultist hunt. So many of these targets are locked behind mundane side quest structure that by the end of the game I was spamming the skip button through dialogue just to get it over with. I spent about 60 hours playing this game and a ridiculous amount at the end was spent just going from point A to point B to side quest, kill a cultist, and move on. I thought it was a good idea to set up each cultist a little bit, give them backstory, but it was a little overwhelming at some point. 

Finally, this game has very low player reactivity. The actions I took during the game seemed almost entirely unreferenced. I remember one conversation I had in the game where Kassandra and Barnabas were talking about the myth of the minotaur. Kassandra acted as though she'd never heard the myth before. This was about ten hours of play time after she'd killed the minotaur herself. It drives me crazy when this stuff happens in games because it's super simple (and cheaper) for devs to just not include it in the game at all. 

All in all, Assassin's Creed Odyssey feels incredibly rushed to the point that it's kind of impressive that the resulting game is as good as it is. Animations are stiff and frequently break (hilariously, I might add). Quest lines feel like the arcs end just as they get started. The naval mechanics seem significantly more dumbed down than in Black Flag too. I enjoyed my time with Odyssey quite a bit. There was a good ten hours when the game play loop hadn't became stale yet that I just ran around from camp to camp to take everyone out. This is just a game that overstays its welcome and should be shorter than it is. 

p.s. does anybody find it weird that the present day story is most closely tied to the shortest main quest?

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FABULOUS game. What a beautiful rendition of ancient Greece. It's so colourful and since it's an open-world RPG you can go and see any part of Greece (in a mini scale ofc). The game itself and story is equally as great. Greeks I know loved this game!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
It is clear that A LOT of work has been put into this game. The concept of recreating historical sights and portraying the most influential figures of ancient Greece is a great idea on its own, but if you add years of gameplay improvement in terms of its convenience, you'll get AC Odyssey. I cannot lie and have to say that I enjoyed the game. However, it is still a game I will never play again. Why? Because it fails in every genre.

For an action game, it's fights are too straightforward. They are not all easy for sure, just long and very repetitive: evade, strike, evade, strike, use skill, repeat.

For stealth game, the stealth part has become too simplified, up to the point where bodies disappear on their own on a higher levels.

And finally, my greatest disappointment. For an RPG, it's not an RPG at all. Historical figures are in a game for a too short time to emotionally connect to them. The dialogues are purposefully simplified and shortened, and sometimes ridiculed to take less time, hence, less interesting and involving. Story pieces are too far apart and too poorly connected to actually care. In the end you wind up rushing towards quest giver, taking a quest, running towards the objective, killing a few people, and off you go again. So underwhelming for a game with such a potential and such a crew.

All style, no sustenance. A shame.
«Oh God i managed it»
«Reviewers bribed»
Liked it quite a bit. Very very fun and addictive gameplay once you get used to it. I think it’s time to get rid of the animus though. Nobody gives a shit about what happens outside of the historic fiction.
While this game is amazing, there's definitely a point where it's too much. The map could have been 1/4 of the size and the game would have been *better* for it.
The game is honestly pretty fun and addicting once you get into the loop. The setting and visuals are impressive, and the combat is engaging. But after a while the game kind of becomes a slog. It's just too damn long and padded out. Also, pretty much all of the voice acting outside of the main characters is like...not very good lol. The Animus stuff didn't bother me much since I never really gave it any attention. The world and npc's are also not that engaging or believable, so it kinda feels empty and lifeless. Personally, I'm more a fan of the older AC games compared to these new combat forward iterations. The presentation and exploration elements of the older games felt more immersive to me. One day maybe they'll figure out a way to blend both seamlessly. This one was fun for a while but I'm putting it down now.
Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Soundtrack 7/10
Sound Effects 8/10
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
By far my favorite assassin's creed game, and that's saying something because origins and black flag were very good. The game strays away from the traditional assassins vs templars in favor of taking down a cult. The main storyline took me 45 hours to complete, and another 10 for the 2 other storylines. The only downside for me would be the fact that the side quest are just fetch mission.
my playtime: 100h 32m
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Microsoft from Deutsch
So I haven't got through yet, but must say so far for me the best Assasins Creed alongside Black Flag. At That time I particularly liked Black Flag because of the Trip on the high Seas and spent Hours with it. Odyssey, on the other hand, impresses with its beautiful Greek Islands, a good Mix of Main Story, Side Quests and Naval Battles. I can play Pirate again hrhr ... I personally do not understand that People give the Game a "Not to recommend" just because of the Shop. The Game is not unplayable or incomplete by the Shop. The Shop is not necessary, but it is not necessary at all. Only if you want to have beautiful Skins or want the Supereasy quick level fashion, then yes. But hey, leave Time, enjoy the Islands and then it all goes great. And by the way ... I even think it's good that you get through certain Quests to a special Ore, 20 of them collected and you can buy an Amphora through which you can also get to Shopskins. I think that's a good thing that they built that in .. This Means Grinding, but it is just possible to somehow get to the Skins by chance without Ever having to pay Real Money. BaNo only Staying Power. And, of course, is not a Must have ... But a Nice to have:D So far, this is the case for me that I usually do these Quests so side by side and then look at the Stand of the Stones again and realize that some have come together again ... So go to spend. But yes.. Nevertheless, I agree with the People who don't like a Shop: Real Money shop shouldn't be real Money shop. And that's why there's never anything bought from me in it:D So far, I think the Story has been done quite well. Some Places have certainly kept me on the Hook and have not tireded me, as in some other Titles. With the Figure Cassandra, however, I am sometimes not so sure whether I like it or think it is rather unsympathetic. She Sometimes reacts a bit very own ... But yes, it is probably also because of their Culture. Who is brought up groupily ... I also find it interesting how they incorporated the mythological Things. Tjaja ... The Fight against a Minotaure .. Is it now a real or a Human in Costume or ... (Play and find out:D) I noticed the Fights a bit. Especially the genes. In Humans it works quite well with the Attack, in Animals I often have it that I stop and actually meet visually with the Spear, but the Wolf, for Example, does not get any Damage, does not even give way, but is in the Spear and sometimes joins ... Not so great. Generally, I feel a little Bit that the Combat System wants to annoy the Player a little bit. And what I don't like either: The Battles. In this Mode you are forced to fight in a very open Way. But If you want to be more of the real Assassin, an open Battle is the Last thing you want to be. I ignore those for the most part at the Moment. Just Doesn't fit my other Style of play and I don't really need it, because I doubt it will change what big about the Story. Bugs I've had 3 Pieces so far (in almost 90h Game time) ... 1 Crash, 1x Boat went down and pinned down in it, so reload again ... And once a really mean bug, Buying from the above-benign Amphorae, Crashing the Game ... Newloaded Game, Ore away, items too. I would have liked to have had the 60 Ore back:( But well ... Conclusion: I like the Game and I can recommend it to anyone who likes the Greek World and Assasins Creed with some Role-playing Conclusions. But It is still more Assasins Creed than Role-playing:D So not completely comparable to The Witcher or anything. But I think this Mix is really suitable here. It doesn't need any more. I have pure Fun and am really addicted to it.
A good follow up to Origins. 

Only complaint is that the climbing feels awkward and slow. Everything else was great.

......except the big bad is obvious the first time you meet [pronoun]