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Pokémon Sword, Shield review
by AutoDMC

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest Pokemon games on the market, and I've been having an absolute blast playing my copy.  So far, the difficulty is a little bit lower than Ultra Moon (the last one I played) which I do not consider to be a dealbreaker.  As I've grown up, the amount of time I can invest grinding a Pokemon team up for each challenge has gone way, way down... I don't have the time I had during Summer Break when Pokemon Red first showed up!  A little time investment goes a long way in Sword and Shield;  doing raids can get XP candies that allow you to juice up your team faster than mindless grinding can do so, as well as providing a source for TRs (Technical Records, single use "vintage" Technical Machines from the pre-reusable days) to optimize your team.

Let's talk difficulty:  If you play Sword/Shield like most of us did in Ye Olde Days (with one barely changing team over the course of the game) the game can become a stompfest.  The always-on Exp. Share keeps your team nice and balanced and the enemy trainers tend to be on the lowish side of the difficulty curve.  But the game gives you tons of opportunities to swap out your team because you're not punished with hours of grinding because you want to swap out your Gyrados for a Yamper.  You get to set your own difficulty by deciding your team composition, letting anyone of any skill to play.

"Hardcore" Pokemon trainers will see this game as way too easy, and the reduction in Pokedex size has already lit the vocal minority into a torches-and-pitchforks rage.  If you feel this way, skip the game and keep playing whichever version of Pokemon scratches your itch.  For casual to serious players, this game provides a fun exploration experience that I've felt lacking in some of the most highly praised (by the hardcore crowd) games... to me, Pokemon is a game of exploration and discovery, not necessarily a training gauntlet for a finely tuned competitive team that looks exactly like everyone else's.
«Can’t stop playing»

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It was a pretty fun play through, I enjoyed raising and building my team and I actually had some difficulty with a few battles where I needed to take a step back and strategize my way to victory, though often that was due to sub-optimal type match-ups and the like, since I built my team based on what I wanted and not to cover every option. The main thing that killed this game's potential for going above a 5 is that I can't do Multi Battles in the post-game Battle Tower. My favorite part of Gen 7 was doing the Battle Tree with my wife. Oh, well. I still recommend playing this game, because the new Pokemon are great, but only pick it up if you really love Pokemon, or at a discount. 
Had a lot of fun playing it.
Amazing effects, colorful landscapes, thought-out Cities, cool NPC's, interesting Storyline and a lot of "side-stuff".
Also playing with friends, doing raids and camping is a huge plus in this game.
I'm not even mad that they didn't include every Pokemon. 890 in one game would be way to much, so 400 is quite a good deal.

However, there are certain aspects I don't really like tho.
The new "Champion Cup" as replacement for the "Elite Four" sounds like a nice idea, but its way to easy to beat. In general, this game is to easy.
I get that Game Freak wanted to make the game playable for kids, but there should also be something like a alternative mode, so these things feel more like in the previous games.

So in short, the game has some weaknesses but it's a great game in general.
Keep in mind that the main target group are children and young adults.

Nevertheless, I'd recommend it to everyone who likes a nice story-driven adventure.

If you got any ideas or wanna discuss about something leave me a reply, always like new opinions ^^
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
The visuals are amazing, as usual: UI, art style, NPC design, town design... In terms of gameplay, there's nearly nothing. The cutscenes that used to be only at the beginning of a Pokémon game, now they're all the time. The whole game feels like a tutorial. There's no challenge anymore because every situation that would be risky (like fighting many trainers in a row), has the risk removed by getting your team healed between each trainer, by telling you hints on how to win, etc. It's extremely handholding, which is the main issue. It lacks the freedom and sense of adventure that Pokémon has always had until gen 6. In a few words, it's "Press A to win". There also some improvements, like new items that are useful for the competitive scene, to facilitate having a pokémon with the perfect stats for battling. It's a shame that for every improvement, there are 10 downgrades. The game as a whole is deceiving, shameful considering where it comes from.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»