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Tacoma review
by alextmoldovan


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Nothing really special gameplay wise (it's mostly a walking sim with limited interactivity) but has excellent environmental storytelling and I was on the edge of my seat as to whether the crew was going to make it out alive. If you want a relaxing, exploration-focused game with a strong story and characters, you can't go wrong with this. 
«Sit back and relax»
Yes, it's a short walking simulator, which makes the $20 price tag a bit hard to stomach, but once you look past the pricing and the length you are left with a game with first-rate ambience, world-building, plot, and voice acting.  I was completely engrossed by the plot during the entirety of this game's runtime, and the world-building and little details that are doled out as you progress through the space station will leave you completely captivated.  (I especially loved the magazines, the fictional countries, and the cyberpunk element of having people essentially follow corporations from their education to their grave.)  The characters feel like real people with all of their merits and flaws, and you really grow to root for them throughout your playthrough.  The delivery of exposition and background through documentation is very well executed (like in Gone Home).

Overall, I wouldn't recommend starting with this game if you haven't played a lot of interactive fiction before, but if you've enjoyed *any* elements of the genre before I'd highly recommend this game.
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
Super short but really enjoyable. I like kicking back with a narrative adventure every so often and experiencing a story in a different way.

This game reminded me of Prey (minus the combat and intensity). Mostly because of the space station setting and the fact that one of the things I loved most about that game was reading all the emails and notes. Getting to know the crew and figuring out how events unfolded before you got there. That is Tacoma 100% but with added 'AR' reconstructions too.

For such a short game it managed to cram in a lot in terms of the character's personalities and motivations.

Its like 3 hours long and you'll be glad you played it :)
«Sit back and relax»
walking sim with some really neat mechanics for delivering a fun and believable story
I really liked Gone Home, but I really REALLY liked Tacoma. By use of the holo-recording premise, the devs were able to take what worked best about Gone Home and create an even more intimate and dramatic experience for the player, while also having a lot of fun with what the actual role/perspective the player assumes in the story much like Gone Home.  At its heart it's still a walking-sim, exploration-based game, but this game finds new ways to make the story more interactive and invite speculation/imagination.

It's also such a quick play, I would recommend to people who don't particularly enjoy walking-sims that love Sci-Fi as well.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
So, that's it now? 4 Hours and only because I really took the Trouble to search every Angle several times to discover everything in one Pass. For the quoted Price of €20 quite daring dear Developers! I'm happy to have got the Game in The Humble Monthly. ;) I don't even know it until 4 Hours ago, it was just the only thing that immediately matched my Game Type. Walking Simulator, Sci-fi Scenario, a Story about self-living and Space. Actually, you can't do much wrong for me ... In Principle, it is also wrong to say Tacoma I did not like, please do not get it wrong but it simply offers nothing special I find. The only really good Approach was the Opportunity to observe each Crew member with the forward and rewind Function separately and thus experience the Story from all Perspectives. If this had not been given, by the way, you could probably play through the whole game in 30 Minutes, because you experience every Scene on average 3-4x from different Angles. History, moreover, is nothing special. Those who are a bit settled in this Area and have seen The most common movies and Series will soon realize what everything will come down to. Small Discrepancies yes, but in the End the Story is flat and could actually have given more without any Problems. From a technical Point of view, I have to say that I had a Crash in the Game time but the Game has compensated thanks to memory point. The Look fit and was a good Base. Although I find it somewhat strange that you have to ride between the Areas half an hour by lift, but then the Levels of the Ship appear very cramped in terms of space technology. Is it now a huge Block in Space with several Gravitational Rings with gigantic Diameter or a 4-storey Hat box? The Appearance and the Feeling just didn't fit together at all but of course-bigger Ship also has to be filled with Content and that's not missing in the Game anyway. The Fact that the Crew leaves their ever-equal remnants of Ready food in every Room and chamber also paves me sour. Everywhere There is food lying around, like in a Saustall and nobody clears it away at some point as it seems. The Furniture has been partially seemingly stolen by their Ur Grandparents-on a Spaceship in 2088 +, of course. Old Models reused? Glimmer and Beer can also be found flying around at every Angle to enough ... AND WHAT TO TEUFEL, are there only Gay Couples left in the Future? A lesbian Couple and a gay Couple with Son, otherwise nothing comes to Light in the Game of Families. Is this compulsively attempted to promote Acceptance or did the Developer have a vested Interest in it? I'm really not a prudish, backward guy who thinks Gays or Lesbians have lost in a PC Game nix but if every private Discussion in the Game is about this same-sex love then you just wonder "Why?." So all in all, if you stand in this Way games the same way as I do, you will get it in a Sale between 5-10 euros or, preferably, even cheaper or in the Bundle. The £20bout called up is, in my Eyes, for the Bid, a Cheekiness. It does not replace a shallow Movie on TV. ;) Next Time please again a little more for the Money dear Developers and do not forget the Time in which you settle the Story. If you select the Year 2088 +, please settle the Contents accordingly, no Cigarette Smokers, Beer Drinkers, Omaschairs, carelessly Discarded Garbage in every Corner, Animal Trophies on the Walls and and and and ... That would push the Credibility of your scenario properly and, while it may seem a bit more sterile-we are on a Spaceship and have to deal with the limited Habitat. You don't tarnish the Nest in which you sit as an adult person on a mission. Recommended... With oh and crash yet: Yes.
Haiku Review: Search a space station / Discover what happened there / Where did they all go
Favorite Thing: It's a walking simulator (in space) so thankfully uncovering the story was enjoyable. It's just short enough to not overstay its welcome.
Least Favorite Thing: The game is not really much other than walking and listening. It could have used a little more puzzling.

Date Completed: 2018-07-12
Playtime: ~ 2h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: If you're a fan of walking simulators or scifi then go for it.