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Warframe review
by NafaryusDestiny

Warframe's gameplay is smooth as hell, but that's not enough to make up for its shortcomings in pretty much every other area. Forced wait times to "build" items, unlocks and quests requiring you to grind out repretitive missions, its murky UI, and its progression system all could have been hand-waved away if it weren't for the final wall to your progression: a pitifully low inventory limit that requires you to use the game's premium currency (purchasable only with real money) to increase it.

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I don't know why I like this game. It's a mind-numbing grind through and through, and the free to play model definitely puts a damper on things. But even with all that, I still enjoy my time with Warframe. Is it the builds, breadth of content, or the satisfaction of chipping away at the game? I don't know. But I find myself enjoying Warframe whenever I jump back in. And if you're new, brace yourself for the brick wall that you're gonna face and be sure to have a second monitor with the wiki open. The new player experience has improved, but I wouldn't say that it's good.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
Thousands of hours of content and not a single moment they ask for your money, countless hours of fun braking the game and feeling that euphoric hit after hour long survival runs really never runs dry, burnout can be a huge issue tho but analysing the game on its own it's without a doubt a masterpiece.
its free to play, so like give it a shot, a lot of people like it, but it didn't grip me at all.
warframe isnt a bad game by nature, it s just his design who make it bad. Having a looter shooter free2plai is feasable destiny does it but in the case of digital extreme the challenge is so much higher cause of the nice fonction of the game: the mod. In this looter shooter u can attach one mod to every weapon u want, mod had modifier on certain stats who will make u abble to progress the enormous content awaiting for u. This hunt for mod is fun the first 50 hour but while continuing playing u see something u cant believe. And it s true this game have no end game u are way too powerfull for nearly all the content, it s just supid grind and dev know it cause after 7 year of existence they add booster like double xp .... on the store. Lot of people love the game and u can understand cause the game have good time but u will quickly see that except good time it s just stupid lazzy farming. Just to point i have 700 hour on the game
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
The best i`ve ever play!
«Can’t stop playing»
8/10 - Great MMO game, with superb graphics.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Nabend ladies and ring for The first Time ES IS ES WERT! I played from the Game vllt just under 15% and played 4-8 hours most of the time I spent it flying, floating, swimming, gliding, drifting under water however you call it and looking around The sound the soundset HAMMER. The control I have to say a cream cake it feels so clean and gentle that you no longer want to give the controller out of hand. I would like more this type of KUNST you can switch off and let it really be tiled In hat. Short Facts, It makes you feel IT relaxed it makes SPASS and it fits everything I love it does everything right and I certainly have 80% still in front of me what is coming and what I am where on a earth? Or water planets other planets? I have No idea but I like it is mysterious and so mysterious today it was a good day in the sun night.
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One of the best, gossip, the best Free2Play Game ever. Support is great before you get tired of the Game, zack has suddenly been added free ne whole new Open World (Now the second!). The Finalization model is great and is looking for its same, you have the Possibility to get faster with Items or Cosmetics (#fashionframe) by Purchasing so-called platinum (premium currency), but the Leveling of the Weapons always takes the same time, as well as the Championship Rank (Accountrang). In addition, this does not give you any Advantages, since everyone is limited to their Rank and most weapon/warframes, grade in the Initial Range, are all great and you play together anyway. Trading allows you to Get Platinum Quickly if something is needed. Everything is earnable without Premium Currency (with the Exception of Cosmetics = > Trading). Now to the Community, I've never seen such a friendly Community, grade at the Beginning I was able to ask such stupid Questions and always got nice Answers from numerous others. Therefore 10/10. Tip: Just give it a try, after all, it costs nothing if you get stuck: Even Guilt;)
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Have made me fall in Love with Warframe! Why? Because, in my Opinion, it's one of the best F2P Games on Steam. Graphic: Just incredibly beautiful Space atmosphere that makes you marvel again and again. Even on Medium Settings, the Game still looks good. Control: Some claim the Control would be "Complex" which is totally not true. You always have a Tutorial To Choose from, which shows you how to do something, and after the Tutorial and a few Battles you should get along with the Controls well clear. Story: It's about "space ninjas" that maintain the Balance of the different Faction. There are 3 different Factions, Corpus, Infected and Greneer. I don'T want to spoil you too much. Items & Shop: There are credits in the Game where you buy Blueprints but there are also "platinum" which you can buy with Real Money OR you can get to sell THINGS you have dropped FOR Platinum. This is of course very cool, because if you have good Items you can sell them and directly pick up a new armor/weapon without waiting about 24 Hours until your Weapon was made in the Forge. Verdict: As I said, for me it's one of the best F2P Games ever. Since I've played Warfame, I've had little Interest in Counter-Strike. But that's also because the Waframe has an incredible cool Community that's always helpful. I can recommend this Game to any Of the fast Gameplay & Space. 10/10.
Get your friends and go fighting! This game is meant to be played in co-op, and it’s really awesome. It plays smoothly and gets better every month with huge updates. Another advantage - it’s free to play, so you can always give it up if don’t like something. But you’ll be satisfied, I promise.
The developers try to convince everyone they play this game but I’m sure that’s a lie. If they played it, they knew the game’s main mechanics was grind and that was strange. The worst thing is that the grind is without any goal - you can’t finish it. You need to grind every mission, grind to get mods, grind and grind again. I could forgive this if the rest of the game is exciting but AI here is dull, the enemies are retarded and the weapons are far from being called awesome. Very far.