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Little Nightmares review
by mistylandscapes

Art, Design, Graphics and the overall created atmosphere are good. The story is vague but the game is capable of creating a believable dystopic world with a twist.
There is not such a thing as "horror" as advertised, just a bit unsettling feeling and one, two spooky moments.

The main problem is the gameplay. If you have played Inside or Limbo, Little Nightmares has a very dull movement. I often died just because the controls were off (the whole button layout baffled me) or you couldn't estimate distances or locations of the character and objects. I felt tiring dying because of this, so the game turned in a rather boring trial and error game, not challenging in a way.

TLDR: play Inside instead.

(played on Switch)

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This games was a treat to play. My whole family enjoyed this game and we started Little nightmares II right away
«That ending!»
I do recommend this because it has a lot of good things going for it (beautiful graphics, genuinely creepy atmosphere, interesting setting and plot, addictive gameplay) but I do have one problem with it.

Trying to control the characters felt like trying to operate a forklift. 

The characters are slow and feel heavy to move, don't always interact with objects when you tell them to, and don't always move where you want to go. There were a lot of times when I was yelling at the screen because I couldn't get my character to go fast enough or it wouldn't obey my commands. This might be on purpose since this is a horror game, but constantly dying because I couldn't control the character right got really frustrating really fast. 

That said I can't really give it a negative review because playing it gave me fond memories of playing INSIDE, which is a good thing considering I don't always like being reminded of a better game than the one I'm playing. And now I have context for the sequel, which was highly recommended to me and is supposed to be much better, so there's that.

Overall, a good game, just wish it controlled better.
Very good :D
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
I woke up this morning , after playing this game for over 8 hours straight last night .. and I said , why do I not know who invented this game ?? And I just went to google and searched the creator and I just want to say ... this game ... is amazing .. I stumbled upon it in the PlayStation store , and I said hey why not .... it’s such a good game and I love the story behind it . I get SO UPSET when it ends .. because I never want it to <3 .. this game is one of a kind bravo . !!!! 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
"Tarsier Studios has come a long way from the bubbly world of LittleBigPlanet with the dark and disgusting world of Little Nightmares. What it lacks in gameplay substance is made up for in visual and audio design. If that's a trade-off you're worth making, then Little Nightmares is a decent entry for the genre."

Completed on Oct 09, 2018. The game is playable and quite visually pleasant (even astounding at times), but nothing else. All the environments are repetitive, and so are the perils encountered. The plot is inconsequential. It takes far more to scare an adult than this game manages to do, so I can only confine it to the realm of walking simulators.
«Reviewers bribed»
Really eerie platform-puzzler which starts off meloncholicly cute and woithout spoiling too much has a much sinister depth under the surface. Great game!
As someone who's not a fan of horror games, this is one of my favourite games of all time. Well worth playing, and its sequel as well.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What is the real Nightmare of this World? Little Nightmares is a Game that captivates you with its thoroughly mysterious Atmosphere. After the first few Minutes you realize that this Game doesn't tell you anything and you have to take your own Explanations of What Happened together. Little Nightmares scores quite strongly with its Atmosphere, that While game is not quite as creepy as I hoped, one thing is the Game always: BEDRÜCKEND! And that oppressive Atmosphere also keeps the Game upright its entire Length over. The Story is mysterious and requires the Player to consider for himself what it may be about, and that's exactly what makes the Game so fascinating. What this Game means to you can be something different for everyone. The Scenery you move through is very detailed and beautifully designed. It perfectly supports the Atmosphere and, together with the impressive Graphics, creates a World that is both impressive and disturbing. The Animations are excellent! The Way your own Character moves and interacts with the Environment is very believable. The Character can interact with many of the Objects, in the World, whether by picking up a simple Can, climbing onto Boxes, or stumbling Across things on the Floor. The Animations of the Monsters you encounter are also designed. They fit perfectly with the Look of each Creature and make it unique, disturbing and iconic in its own Way! You won't forget these monsters any time soon! The Collectibles are in such a manageable Number that you actually Enjoy looking for them. It's enough that you don't immediately find them all at the first Game run, but there aren't that many that you feel slain by their Number, it's the perfect Number of Collectibles. The Soundtrack is great and plays whenever it's needed. I never got the Impression that the Music used unfavorably in certain Places. On the Contrary, there were some Situations where I found the Onset of Music to be a perfect Complement to what Happened! Many claim that Game with its approximately 3-4 Hours of Play is too short and I understand this Criticism, support it, but in this Case, but not. I, for one, prefer to play a short Game that manages to maintain its Atmosphere than one that has been unnecessarily dragged out at the Expense of the Gaming Experience, and Little Nightmares offers a distressing Atmosphere that takes place throughout The season Don't fall off. Little Nighmares is Game full of Atmosphere that will captivate anyone who gets into it! It may be a short Game, but it tells so much in that Time without even saying a single Word! The Developers have created a Game that manages to stand alongside today's great Triple A Titles by standing out from many Games by its Uniqueness and not being lost in the big Video Game Quagmire. Little Nightmares is a clear Buy Recommendation to anyone who likes to get lost in mysterious Stories and tries to fathom its Secrets! It's a little Masterpiece!