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God of War (2018) review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Pre Ragnarok Replay:

Fuck ya just bought a PS5 in preparation for Ragnarok. Giving God of War a second play through before it comes out.

It’s just as good as I remembered. I was “worried” that my memory of this game was overhyped but nope, it’s fucking sweet.

It’s so fucking sweet. 

It’s so so fucking sweet.

Moody Atraius isn’t my favourite part. It fits the story but the “whatevers” are starting to piss me off boy. Plus shoot arrows when I tell you to damn it.

Beat the journey. Loved it but I don’t want to overdo it before Ragnarok so I’m calling it. Maybe I come back someday to beat the final side quests and valkyries. There’s potential I come back for the platinum but probably not till after Ragnarok, which means I probably won’t ever do it. Unreal game.

Original Review:

Too kick off this review I have to mention the opening boss fight. That fight went on forever in the best way possible. It lets you know right from the get go that this game is going to be special. God of War has potentially the most satisfying combat ever. It looks, sounds, and feels fantastic. The variety in combat moves and abilities is impressive because it does it in a way where it isn’t too difficult to remember how to do it all. It is a case of easy to pick up but difficult to master. God of War also had a surprisingly interesting Jo story which I did not expect.

One minor criticism is the lack of enemy variety. This criticism is minor because every enemy that they do have in the game is so well done and the combat is so well done that I didn’t really notice until the end of the game. But when you actually think about it in the end there are not that many. Nonetheless this game will go down as a top tier of this generation.

Final Score: A+

Other reviews67

Boring. Dropped it a few hours in.
«Can’t stop playing»
Awesome game. Played on PC. Maxed out graphics. Story, voice acting, pace is fantastic! Not too repetitive. Really personifies a grandiose feeling.
Sony’s best exclusive game in PS4 console generation
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The game is good. But is this God of War?

Well, the first time I played, I ended up quitting. Why? Because I found it boring. The hype and self-pretentiousness kinda ruined the experience for me. This time was different. My friend let me his Playstation 4. I played every main GoW and loved it, especially the third one. After that, naturally, I was curious about how Kratos would end up there and why. I also had sympathy for Kratos, which I didn't have before. I'm trying to say that GoW 2018 does not sustain itself alone. If you never heard about Kratos and has a good repertory of movies/book with similar Dad and Son Plot, It will not be enough to grab your attention.

Furthermore, I believe the game lost its soul. Yeah, they are trying to tell a new story - and I appreciate that. The problem is a major mischaracterization in-game. The point of view is a nice example of that. Sacrifice the gameplay in favor of the narrative was not a good idea when the script is not that good, like Last of Us, and the melee gameplay was going to get worse. And I say more, the RPG system here is weak as hell. What can I say more? well... mediocre dialog and a static story "progression" made me get angry sometimes.

But... I still recommend this game. The story is still interesting if you played the previous games. The gameplay is not dynamic, but fun sometimes. The dialog is not great but has its moments, especially when Kratos reflects on his past. The graphics were amazing, as was its optimization. 4K 40 fps looked amazing. There is much to talk about - good and bad things, but I'm sleepy. Happily, most of its problems were corrected in Ragnarok, so it's worth your time.
«OST on repeat»
~Зима-Весна 2022
«Blew my mind»