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I've recently found this gorgeous art by Çağlayan Kaya Göksoy - he imagined Kratos in Chinese mythology.
And what setting do you think is perfect for new God of War titles? If I could place Kratos anywhere I want, I'd send him to the ancient India. Just think about Hindu gods: all these elephants with multiple hands, huge figures with blissful smiles on their faces, beutiful landscapes and fights in the jungle - so many possibilities to make something great! Or ancient Egypt - those gods with animal heads always scary me.
Just kidding. The guy created a video of a fight between Kratos and Marvel's Thor. Can it get more epic than that?

To be serious, what are your favorites of this year so far? I’ve missed so many games, but now I’m here to buy some! So any advice is welcomed 🙃
God of war is a game made by Santa Monica studio, made on the 20th of april 2018 created by David Jaffe, following 2 main characters: Kratos and Atreus. The eighth installment is not like all the other god of war installments which were based around greek mythology, this game is based around norse mythology.

 After Kratos’s second wife died, Kratos and Atreus (his young son) go on a journey filled with different kind of norse mythology monsters just to spread her ashes at the tip of the nine realms just as they promised. On the way you’ll meet side characters who will help you along the way. The game was in development for almost 4 years, made with stunning visuals, amazing characters and a great storyline

 Kratos ( actor: Christopher Judge ) is a god of war that has never been beaten

Atreus ( actor: Sunny Suljic ) is Kratos’s son who doesn’t know that his dad is a god 

IGN: 10/10
 Polygon: 10/10
 Game Revolution: 5/5
Metacritic: 94/100
I *love* supernerdy videos of Mark Brown. He dropped a real gem yesterday—an in-depth video about the axe in God of War with lots of details on designing the weapon and various mechanics the game implements with this basic wood-chopping tool. 
It's so interesting how the series stopped using the prominent double-swords that have been the go-to weapon of Kratos since the very first game. I thought the axe was a perfect choice and after watching this video I am even more certain about it.
Well. We need to be honest from the very beginning. I don't have a PS4, so I can't play God of War 2018. I hope I'll get this opportunity soon, but now I'm just watching the playthrough (and I haven't finished yet because the youtuber I watch is soooo slooow, and I'm a dedicated fan...). But when I saw the game for the first time, I was so impressed. The visuals are breathtaking for me, the level design is gorgeous, the world is so detailed that I definitely want to visit it (in my dreams, huh). And now artists from Santa Monica share their works. Just look at them!
Cliff Schonewill — Senior Environment Artist, made this awesome frosen effect for the axe, and also created Brok's shop and other pieces of the environment. And Kratos' house.
Kyle Bromley, Senior Environment Artist, along with other artists, created the nature.
Sarah Wang made loot-chests. I love them! And she also created the awesome fast-travel portal.
Melissa Smith, Senior Environment Artist, created all these ancient mechs Kratos uses and also drawn some of dungeons.
Can't mention everybody here but it's so awesome to know how much work was put into the game. This post is to praise all the talented people that made God of War a masterpiece.

P.S. If you want more artworks, go to Artstation. For example, https://www.artstation.com/figmentpigment 
Sony dropped a new trailer for God of War to celebrate Father's Day. No DLC was announced, it's just a trailer of the same game. However there's a New Game+ mode coming to the game so that you can replay the story with all abilities gained in your first walk-through and a harder difficulty.
This game is amazing , the gameplay, the plot , the grafics. This game makes you like the god of war series even more. The details of the game it's amazing. Cory Barlog is such a good videogame director and maybe God of War is game of the year
The game is truly exceptional the stunning graphics and awesome story. Put this game on my favourites list. The frame rate drops sometimes but it might be because of my ps4 slim.
What axe mechanics do you use more? In general, I prefer close combat with light throws but guys, the thing when you throw the axe heavily, it stucks in the enemy and freezes him and then returns to you, hurting some enemies around, is totally awesome.
I noticed that Kratos doesn’t speak much, as usual, but it can be connected not only to his nature. As we know, Scandinavian is his second language, so maybe he is so silent because he doesn’t know the words yet? He can’t read either. What do you think?